You Pushed Her Away

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When a man doesn’t seem like he’s working very hard to get you, it’s easy to make excuses. Most of these excuses tend to be along the lines of “He likes me, but…”

This kind of thinking may be comforting, but it usually isn’t true. In general, when a man isn’t coming on strong, it’s because he just isn’t that interested.

You’re not too much woman for him. He’s not intimidated or nervous or shy. He just doesn’t like you enough to put himself out there.

Men are natural pursuers. Since the beginnings of human society, it has been the job of men to pursue things – food, land, wealth – while women gather things and people to them.

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The instinct still runs strong in today’s man. Whether or not he knows why, he loves to chase what he wants.

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This is particularly true when it comes to relationships. If a man wants to be with a woman, he will pursue her, and he will keep pursuing her as long as possible.

If he knows that you’re into him and he’s not acting on that knowledge, he doesn’t share your feelings. Of course, he probably won’t say it to your face.