Pyramid Shaped UFO Appears Over Brazil!

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A colossal pyramid-shaped UFO appeared over Sao Paulo, Brazil, sparking a panic that a full blown alien invasion of Earth had begun. But before you run to your bomb shelters, this craft was documented in June of this year. So they’re probably not invading. Or if they are, they’re taking their sweet time with it.

The UFO, called a “mothership” by some, is probably relatively small. The image was taken by a Nikon P600 zoomed in 60x, and there’s even a chance the ship was only about the size of a bird. Those are some pretty tiny invaders!

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Scott Waring over at UFO Sightings Daily says that this kind of sighting isn’t really new. “This shape of UFO has been recorded before in the past,” he told Metro. In 1996, a similar flying pyramid was seen by a pilot over Pelotas, Brazil.