How To Quickly Get Rid of A Cold In Under 24 Hours

As hard as we all may try, staying healthy is becoming increasingly difficult as we move into the peak of flu season.

With over half of the people at your work, or school constantly coughing and sneezing around you all day, making it through the winter without getting sick is almost impossible.

So next time you feel yourself getting sick, instead of sleeping all day, or eating soup nonstop, try using this 9 step method to get rid of your cold and start feeling like yourself in 24 hours.

1. Take a hot shower at 7AM

The healing process begins in the morning, and when you have a cold getting out of your warm, cozy bed could be even harder than usual.

However, it is important that you wake up at 7AM, so you have the whole day to heal, and take a hot shower because the warm water, and misty steam will help clear all the mucus built up in your sinuses.

2. Take two teaspoons of elderberry syrup at 8AM

Elderberry is great for when you're sick because it'll give your immune system the boost it needs to push through your sickness.

Plus, all of anti-viral properties can even help prevent you from catching other peoples illnesses. You can take this dose up to three times daily to help minimize the duration of your cold.

3. Have a good breakfast at 9AM

You may be used to starting off your day with a hot cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, but when your sick, the better choice would be eggs and tea.

Eggs are great because they have all 9 amino acids, and they are packed full of protein that helps your body fight against infections.

Additionally, if you pair your hot tea with some lemon and honey, it can soothe your sore throat even better than some prescription medicines.

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