I Just Want To Be Very Quiet

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1. You become easily overwhelmed.

Introverts share this quality with you. Big crowds of people, especially raucous ones, tend to drain you pretty quickly. It’s easy for you to become overwhelmed.

2. You enjoy time alone.

That time alone is often spent recharging some, not just avoiding people.

Just because you’re an HSP doesn’t mean you don’t like being around people. It’s important to recognize when you need time alone and indulge yourself.

3. People think you’re weak.

We live in a macho culture, no matter what anyone tries to tell you. It’s hard to express your sensitive side, especially if you’re a man.

Sensitivity, as a result, shows strength, not weakness. You have to be brave to stand up and express yourself that way. It’s not weakness.

4. You’re everyone’s sounding board.

Everyone seems to come to you with their problems because you’re an incredible listener.

This takes it’s toll on anyone, especially an HSP. Remember to take time to recharge and, worse comes to worse, say no sometimes!

5. Violence upsets you.

You just can’t tolerate it, whether it’s in real life or in some kind of media, like movies or video games. Seeing violence rattles you to your core if you’re an HSP.

Which makes sense when you consider it. We aren’t violent by nature. People come back from war with PTSD because it’s not natural to behave that way.

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