10 Reasons You Need To Quit Drinking Alcohol

If you still drink alcohol on a regular basis, below you will find ten compelling reasons you need to quit immediately! After reading this article, if you still want to drink alcohol, you're only hurting yourself.

1. You will actually remember things.

It's rough how many times I've gone out and just don't fully remember what I did. It's an uncomfortable feeling. I strongly dislike it.

I've had to help friends piece together nights before. When you stop drinking, that stops being a problem.

2. No more hangovers.

Do I really need to explain the benefit of this?

3. You save a ton of money.

Enough said...

4. Your problems are actually problems.

When you're drunk, little problems become big problems for no reason. Tears you shed area real tears. Your shit won't be so dramatic.

5. Your immune system will thank you.

Without the detrimental impacts of alcohol, your immune system will grow stronger. Liquor can wear away linings in the mouth and throat too, making pathogens able to take over more easily.

6. No more losing friends over drunken mistakes.

A lot of bad decisions go out the window when you stop getting drunk, and as a result of making fewer poor decisions, your friends will like you more.

7. It's interesting going out sober.

This is the hardest one. If you usually went out to get all boozed up with friends, it can be hard to turn back the habit. But you'll realize with time that you don't need booze to have fun.

8. You learn why you like your friends.

You'll find that some friends were just friends you went out and drank with. Those friends won't likely hang around. Your other friends are people you'll learn to appreciate way better.

9. You find out you can have fun alone.

Alcohol can be a real toxic habit, and without it you'll find more about yourself than you knew before. You might just find that you can have fun all by yourself.

10. You look better.

Alcohol damages the liver which makes you look a little rougher around the edges. In the end, you'll look younger longer.

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