5 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Job

3. Your job is too demanding for the pay you get.

Worker productivity is up and up and up yet wages are stagnating, rising very very slowly comparatively. More and more, Americans are't being paid even close to what they're worth. Chances are, you've lived this exact situation. If your boss isn't paying you what you earn, move on.

4. Your work isn't recognized.

Nothing sucks worse than pouring yourself into your work and not being recognized for working so hard. I've had jobs where my hard work is viewed with skepticism or am derided for being a "brown noser." You know what I did? Quit and found a job where I was appreciated.

5. You aren't moving closer to career goals.

If you're on a career path and your job won't move you up the ladder, find a new job to move you closer to your career goals.

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