5 Signs Your Job Is Sucking The Life Out Of You

We all have certain pet peeves about our workplace, especially if it's the kind of workplace that loves to destroy your will to live as well as eliminating all of your motivation to actually want to succeed in the things you do at work.

This kind of job is the job that you love to tell your friends about simply because of how dreadful the place really is.

We all deserve a job that we are comfortable with, happy with, as well as feeling like we can get out of bed knowing that we are going to have a good day with where we are going, who we are seeing, and what we are doing today.

If you aren't exactly sure that's how you feel about your job, then you will want to look at these five indications that could prove otherwise.

1. You Lose All Sense Of Yourself At Work

Whenever you go to work you feel as if you haven't the slightest clue what's going on, what you should be doing, how you should feel, or even who you should be talking to at the moment.

This is a pretty big indication that your workplace may not exactly be the best place for your to apply your certain talents.

If your job makes you lose all sense of reality when you are there, and not in the good way, then you may have to find ways to motivate yourself, entertain yourself, even if the coworkers are crappy that can prove to be one of the bigger reasons to not enjoy your workplace.

If there is no passion in what you are doing every single day, then what is the point of being there in the first place?

2. No Satisfaction From The Workplace

If you leave your job feeling unsatisfied by literally everything that happened that day, then the next day, and the next day then this is a pretty big indication that your work really loves to destroy your will to live.

Again, being passionate about what you do every single day of your life is one of the reasons why humans need to live fully in the way they see fit.

If you are going home feeling completely drained without any kind of joy from the drained feeling, something is wrong. Being mindless and only concerned for customer needs can completely diminish our ability to feel anything at all after the day is done.

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