Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift On September 30, 2016 – Rare Black Moon Rising In Scorpio

It is also a good idea to balance yourself with all of your negative and positive emotions. If you are entering into this major shift with negative thoughts then you can reverse the feeling instantly with the help of the black moon.

The energy is so great that you probably aren't going to be feeling any kind of negativity in the first place.

However, it'll help you all the more if you are able to adjust your way of thinking into something productive as well as beneficial in order for you to truly experience the raw power that the black moon exudes.

Keep your eye's open for any new opportunities that present themselves to you. With the black moon rising, you will want to make every single change possible.

This will allow you to move on further into your life as well as accomplishing something that you've been working really hard on for a long period of time.

Allow yourself to experience new beginnings as well as coming to an end with some of the old things that you've been dedicating your time to these past months.

Essentially, in order to prepare for the black moon, just be as open as you possibly can. Be open to new people, new places, new ideas, new homes, new friends, just about everything! This shift is going to be huge!

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