Rare Blue Flower Moon In Scorpio: Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift On May 18th 2019

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There’s a lot going on in the heavens this May, particularly with this month’s full moon. The moon will be full on May 18, and this one is special for several reasons.

The May 18 full moon is traditionally known as the Flower Moon, and this time around it’s also a Blue Moon.

This Blue Flower Moon rises in Scorpio, which promises to bring a major shift in energy. What does all this mean for you? Let’s break it down.

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The Full Flower Moon: A Native American Tradition

First things first: A Full Flower Moon gets its name from the Native American tribes living on the East Coast of North America.

Native Americans — notably groups of the Algonquin people — named each full moon to mark what was going on in nature at that time of year.

The Flower Moon is typically the first full moon in May, and it honors the way the earth has once again fully awoken after a long, cold winter.

A Full Flower Moon marks the same spiritual shift experienced around Beltane, or May Day — the midway point between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

This time of year is when the Earth is at its most fertile. Sure, all of those blooms add color and fragrance to the world, but remember that flowers are all about reproduction!

There’s a seduction as flowers open to the world and invite pollinators to enter — and as the months pass, ripe fruits are the result of the spring flowering.

What does the Full Flower Moon mean for you? Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more attuned to nature around the 18th, as she’s doing her best to attract attention!

Your thoughts may also turn to your own fertility, so it’s a good time to take stock of these feelings and adjust your choices to match your deeper desires.

The Seasonal Blue Moon: A Rare Phenomenon

In addition to being a Full Flower Moon, May’s Full Moon is also a Seasonal Blue Moon. This type of Blue Moon occurs when there are four full moons in an astrological season.

In this case, there are four full moons between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. The third of these full moons is called the Blue Moon.

Though you may be more familiar with a Blue Moon being defined as the second full moon in a calendar month, that’s actually a more modern invention.

The ancients counted their Blue Moons by seasons rather than by calendars, which are somewhat arbitrary and were hard to come by in the days of yore!

No matter how you count them, a Blue Moon is fairly rare — a Seasonal Blue Moon happens every three years or so.

That makes a Blue Moon a great opportunity to take stock of where you’ve come in your life since the previous occurrence.

The last one was on May 21, 2016: How has your life changed since then? What have you accomplished? What do you wish were different?

Consider crafting a “blue moon goal” to accomplish before the next one arrives on August 22, 2021 so you can eliminate any regrets next time around.

The Full Moon in Scorpio: An Emotional Shake-Up

All full moons shine a light on your life, allowing you to get a better look at things and see your life and relationships as they are.

This isn’t always pleasant — it can be a little like shining a flashlight into the dark, dusty corners under your bed at times — but it’s a good time to take stock of your life.

Full moons occur when the sun is fully opposite the moon, so there are two polarities ruling the heavens at this time.

You may feel forced to consider how opposites affect you to create a balance: work-life balance, need-want balance, or perhaps even life-and-death issues.

In particular, the moon is associated with the feminine and emotional aspects of your life, and it’s no accident that the word “lunacy” comes from Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon.

Full moons have long been associated with strange feelings and behavior. The Full Moon on May 18 may leave you feeling weepy, emotional, or a little out of control of your feelings this month.

On the bright side, if you honor your intuition and listen to what your strong feelings are telling you, you might be able to solve a problem or reach a conclusion about something that’s been puzzling you for some time.

The May 18 Full Moon in Scorpio serves to heighten the emotional nature of this time. Watery Scorpio is all about passion, but this fixed sign often keeps strong emotions buried beneath the surface.

If you’re a Scorpio, prepare to be overwhelmed! Now is not the time to try to keep things close to the vest. Instead, consider letting go of some of your secrets and revealing the real you to the people you love.

The other sign most affected by the Full Moon in Scorpio is Taurus, where the sun lies this month. Another fixed sign, Taurus craves stability and typically revels in the earthiness of this fertile season.

The emotional upheaval brought on by this full moon can force Taurus to face the fact that not all things can be explained.

Ordinarily practical, Taurus should stay open to unexplained phenomenon — spring is a miraculous season, so let yourself feel it!

Not a Scorpio or Taurus? You’re not off the hook! Though you may not feel the energy shift quite so strongly, you’ll still need to dig deep into your emotions.

Your instructions for the days around this Full Moon: Allow yourself the freedom to feel your feelings.

When this moon begins to wane, you’ll be able to take stock of what came up and plan a course of action based on what you learn about yourself in these all-important days.

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