Rare Hunter’s Supermoon In Aries Will Light Up The Sky This Weekend. THIS Is What It Means For You!

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This weekend, star gazers and lunar enthusiasts alike will be treated to the sight of a rare Hunter’s Supermoon.

Best seen Saturday and Sunday night, this supermoon will dazzle with a orange red hue, and it will appear larger and brighter than a normal moon.

The Hunter’s moon arrives almost always in the month of October around the autumn equinox.

Its brightness comes from the fact that it’s at its closest point in its orbit to the Earth and it appears closer to the horizon, making it appear larger and brighter.

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The Hunter’s moon gets its hue from the atmosphere.

Being near the horizon, the atmosphere is thicker between you and the moon, thus causing different shades of orange and red to discolor the moon.

The Hunter’s moon was an important marker for pre-industrial civilizations, like Europeans and indigenous North Americans.

It signaled a time when hunting would be easiest, as animals would be preparing for winter and taller grasses will have died down.

It was also a turning point in the year for many, indicating that it’s time to prepare for another sometimes long winter.