Free Spirit? Inventor? Explorer? Take The Rationality Test

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There are lots of personality quizzes out on the web for you to peruse and enjoy, but none is more thorough than this one. This test shows not who your spirit mollusk is, but how rational you are. Neat!

This test was created by investment banker and mathematician Spencer Greenberg. He had some interesting ideas about how cognitive science and math could work together.

There are many things people can learn from cognitive science and maths to improve their decision-making, but these rarely trickle down to a popular level.

Greenberg came up with the nonprofit Clearer Thinking. It’s aimed at helping people make better decisions and improve their reasoning skills. The website is full of tons of courses and tools to help improve your problem solving.

Why not ? It contains 21 questions that give you some good insight. I got journalist:

take the test yourself