Read This When The World Is Ending, Which Is Now

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Have you noticed feeling more anxious lately? Maybe even on the days you are happy, you’re just expecting the feeling to soon fade. Maybe you’ve noticed you’ve lost some connections and are always conflicted between going to socialize in the world and wanting to stay in bed, under the covers.

If you do, you’re not alone. It seems like no one is genuinely happy and at peace anymore and we don’t blame them, because our world is ending. Some might say it already has ended and we’re now living in the apocalypse. Allow us to explain what this means for you.

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So Many Dystopian Movies

Have you noticed a surplus of dark movies coming out lately? We’re fascinated by end of the world scenarios and the dark genre of dystopian worlds, time travel and apocalypse is a growing one.

2012 Movie publicity still of plane flying over collapsing buildings
Wolf / Movie Stills DB
Wolf / Movie Stills DB

Where does the interest come from? Maybe it’s therapeutic because it’s become relatable or more maybe it’s we’re mentally preparing because it’s easier to deal with it through the eyes of fictional characters than believe it could really happen to us. There’s no denying our world has changed in recent times.