Real-Life Horror Stories That Should Never Be Read Before Bed, Read At Own Risk

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Let this be your warning that the following stories are not for the faint of heart. They will send shivers down your spine and aren’t meant to be read before bed unless you’re prepared for nighmares to follow.

However, as frightening as these stories may be, let them be your reminder of how fragile and short life can be. We can’t live expecting the worse or awaiting evil, but what we can do is make sure that we do as much good as possible to counteract it and live everyday without regrets. These stories were shared based on real events on Reddit.

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Are You Ever Really Alone?

“My best friend’s parents were out of town one weekend and she had the house to herself. She went about her business having dinner, watching tv then decided to go to bed. She was lying in her bed with her back to her closet when she heard the door open.

woman scared in bed clenching to the sheets
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

She somehow pretended to be asleep – but the man who was hiding in the closet walked around her bed to the side she was laying/facing, gently stroked her hair and face then left. She immediately called her boyfriend to ask him to come over then called her parents and then the police.

Long story short, this man had been getting into their home via a doggy door (they didn’t have a dog and didn’t bother to secure it) and he’d been living in a tent in the foresty area behind their home for months to creep on her. They found a ton of surveillance footage of her sleeping and pieces of her clothes and stuff.

If I recall correctly this happened somewhere in Alabama, most likely mid-2000s.” — halfyellowhalfwhite

60 Hours Of Hell

“A guy in a sinking ship found an oxygen bubble and only drank a sip of diet coke every 7 hours. He was rescued after 60 hours after being in constant danger from drowning and even sharks.” — NoLiferBg

sinking ship in blue water
Firmafotografen / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro
Firmafotografen / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

You might be thinking that this could never happen to you, but we bet that man thought the same thing. You never think these tragic events could happen to you until they do…This shouldn’t scare you into taking extreme precautions but rather encourage you into a state of gratitude for the life you do have,

Coming Home To No One

“I remember reading ages ago about a guy who was in the military. He got back home after a tour of duty to find his wife and two kids dead. They lived in a remote location. Turned out the mom had a sudden heart attack or stroke or something, and the two little kids had died of starvation or dehydration as they were too young to care for themselves. Not exactly a ghost story, but as a parent, that scared me.” — barryriley

Profile of Military Man with beanie standing on cliff
Norbert Buduczki / Unsplash
Norbert Buduczki / Unsplash

Coming home from serving your country should be a happy moment that makes up for lost time, so our hearts go out to this veteran. Make sure to hug your loved ones extra tight today.

A Lake With Its Own Revenge Plot

“The story of The Lake Nyos Disaster. The lake periodically belches a cloud of invisible carbon dioxide gas that suffocates everything within a 16 mile radius. In 1986, over 1700 people and all their livestock died without even understanding what was happening to them.” — __Dawn__Amber__

Eerie Lake with dark clouds over the cliffs
Ravi Pinisetti / Unsplash
Ravi Pinisetti / Unsplash

Nature has a mind of its own. As beautiful and caring as it is, it can also take control of our planet whenever it pleases. After all, this world belongs to it so we should take care of our environment as much as we can.

Not Wanting To Be Found

“One day, a bunch of police in training explored some of the catacombs under Paris. A lot of them are completely unmapped. They entered an area and heard dogs barking and snarling. They continued going and saw there were speakers mounted on the wall, playing prerecorded dog sounds and cameras. They continued.

Catacombs lined up on wall
Travis Grossen / Unsplash
Travis Grossen / Unsplash

They came into this huge opening and found a cinema. It was lavishly decorated. It had projectors and a mix of old and new movies. It even had electricity running and three phone lines. The police marked where they were and went back outside.

The next day they returned to try and investigated further with more experienced officers. Everything was gone. All the wiring had been ripped out, all the furniture was gone. All that remained was a note that said, ‘Do not try to find us’. As far as I know, they never figured out who was there.” — Fabulous_Feruchemist

The Chair Man

“There was a guy in my town who stalked women at the furniture store. He would watch women pick out new chairs and he would just linger there and drop these strange comments, ‘that chair would look nice in my den’.

red chair in the middle of the street
Eduard Militaru Dtu / Unsplash
Eduard Militaru Dtu / Unsplash

Then one night, he followed one of the women home. He sneaked into their living room and then waited for them to enter the room. He’d then jump out and surprise them. He’d yell, ‘I knew you took my chair!’ And he’d scream and chase them.

This happened over the course of 5 years. The local police never did anything because he was brothers with the sheriff. Women couldn’t buy furniture by themselves. They had to start bringing chaperones.” — Chickens_Instrument

The End Of A New Beginning

“A woman had planned to move to Spain with her husband and young daughter and had a great job lined up out there. The plan was that her husband and daughter would fly over first, and she would fly over a week or two later due to finishing her old job a little later than planned.

Carbon Monoxide Detector by fire background
Kameleon007 /Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro
Kameleon007 /Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Her husband rang her on the day he arrived and said the house was lovely and the furniture had arrived by ferry etc. That was the last time she ever heard from him. Her husband and daughter were found dead by authorities a few days after she rang, explaining she was concerned for their welfare as she had had no contact with them and she was extremely worried. It was carbon monoxide poisoning. It is so scary to think how fast your life can change.”— Chlooeeeee

Life Is Precious

Enjoy every single moment because you never know when it may your last, or the last one of someone you cherish. We feel entitled to live long lives when we really have no way of knowing how long we have left. If you knew your expiry day came tomorrow, what would you do differently today?

Grave with a cross and palm
Kenny Orr / Unsplash
Kenny Orr / Unsplash

Ask yourself that question and use the answer as your intention every morning. Live every day to the fullest, not in mourning, but to feel as alive as you possibly can.

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