Reality Doesn’t Exist And Is A Simulation Of The Mind, According To Quantum Mechanics

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Is it the world we live in that control us or is it us that control the world? You might say we have no control over the forces of nature but that even might not be true. Think of it like this: are we born with a predetermined fate of how our lives will turn out, out of nature? Or are we born as blank slates and it’s up to us to nurture our own reality.

According to scientist Robert Lanza the physical universe is not independent of us, and it’s actually us who create it with our minds! If he’s correct that would mean that the world as we know is just an illusion, made by human consciousness. Here’s what that means.

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Determining Physical Reality

Imagine that it is you that was in control of what happens in the world, and that you could create reality. A new study claims that networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality. That means that it is these observers that set the structures for time and space in relation to each other.

silhouette of a man standing coloful night under sky
Greg Rakozy/ Unsplash
Greg Rakozy/ Unsplash

Think about it…the world hasn’t always been the same. What we define as “norms” has been conditioned into us since we were babies and has changed and evolved over time.