Reality Doesn’t Exist And Is A Simulation Of The Mind, According To Quantum Mechanics

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Is it the world we live in that control us or is it us that control the world? You might say we have no control over the forces of nature but that even might not be true. Think of it like this: are we born with a predetermined fate of how our lives will turn out, out of nature? Or are we born as blank slates and it’s up to us to nurture our own reality.

According to scientist Robert Lanza the physical universe is not independent of us, and it’s actually us who create it with our minds! If he’s correct that would mean that the world as we know is just an illusion, made by human consciousness. Here’s what that means.

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Determining Physical Reality

Imagine that it is you that was in control of what happens in the world, and that you could create reality. A new study claims that networks of observers are responsible for determining physical reality. That means that it is these observers that set the structures for time and space in relation to each other.

silhouette of a man standing coloful night under sky
Greg Rakozy/ Unsplash
Greg Rakozy/ Unsplash

Think about it…the world hasn’t always been the same. What we define as “norms” has been conditioned into us since we were babies and has changed and evolved over time.

Objective Reality Doesn’t Exist

If this theory is true then it would mean that the reality of the world is entirely subjective. To a certain degree we already know this because even though we all live in the same world, we experience it completely differently. Each lived experience is unique.

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Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash
Photo by Greg Rakozy / Unsplash

So the question is: is there a physical reality that is independent of us? Or even better, does objective reality exist at all? Would that even be possible? If the answer is no, then it could mean that the structure of everything, including time and space, is created by the perceptions of those observing it. On a deeper layer, these concepts would then not exist in actuality but only in the reality experienced by our consciousness.

The Power Of The Mind

This confusing yet groundbreaking study was published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. Among the paper’s authors is Robert Lanza, a stem cell and regenerative medicine expert, famous for the theory of biocentrism. The goal of his theory was to re-examine what life even is.

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Wings Of Freedom / Pexels
Wings Of Freedom / Pexels

According to Lanza the universe only exists thanks to our consciousness. He believes that the physical world that we perceive is not something that’s separate from us but created by our minds as we observe it. To take it one step further, space and time are also only illusions created by our mind to process our reality.

The World Exists Within Us, Not Outside

You know how they say that happiness is only found within? What if this idea comes from the concept that the world itself only exists within us, ad not outside of us, and it is the observers that influence its structure?

Khoa Võ / Pexels
Khoa Võ / Pexels

According to Lanza, it is us, the observers, who hold all the power since we can dramatically affect “the behavior of observable quantities” on both tiny scales and the big picture as a whole. Lanza adds that understanding this requires: a “profound shift in our ordinary everyday worldview” because we have so far only come to think of the world as something that exists on its own, formed outside of us.

You Can Do It Too

In Lanza’s words: “Observers ultimately define the structure of physical reality itself.” That would mean that both you and I, along with everyone else have the power to change reality. To make it work, we would need to come up with “a globally agreed-upon cognitive model” of reality by exchanging information about the properties of space and time.

Cotton Bro / Pexels
Cotton Bro / Pexels

These properties would be measurements that we attribute to time and space and give them meaning. The reason reality feels so consistently real to all of us is because we keep repeating the same measurements, based on the results of the first measurements, so the outcome stays the same.

It’s A Collective Decision

The world as we know it has been decided by a collective. Could this have been a specific group of people who knew what they were doing all along or simply a result of the power dynamics imposed by our societies? Think of our laws, standards, ethical codes, religions, schools, rules…these are all measurements of behavior that we’ve imposed on our reality. If they change, so does our world.

“Similarly, if you learn from somebody about the outcomes of their measurements of a physical quantity, your measurements and those of other observers influence each other ‒ freezing the reality according to that consensus,” explains Lanza, “a consensus of different opinions regarding the structure of reality defines its very form.”

Past And Future Are Indefinite

If we’re the ones that structure our reality that space and time don’t really exist. They’re just measurements that our consciousness uses as a language to interpret our reality, like computer coding. That would mean that the past and the future are themselves illusions always exist without a beginning or end unless we attribute one.

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Jackson David / Unsplash
Jackson David / Unsplash

This is something the “observer builds in their mind throughout their lifespan,” explains Lanza: “The observer is the first cause, the vital force that collapses not only the present but the cascade of spatiotemporal events we call the past.” This is not a new idea. Stephen Hawking once also said: “The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.'”

Could It All Be An Illusion?

Does your brain hurt yet? Look around you, what if none of it was real? The Matrix could be more than just a movie… Some scientists go as far as suggesting that an artificially intelligent entity without consciousness is dreaming up our world.

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murraymomo / Movie Stills DB
murraymomo / Movie Stills DB

Lanza however believes that biology plays a role so our reality needs a conscious living entity with the capacity for memory, so basically, it needs a human touch: “‘A brainless’ observer does not experience time and/or decoherence with any degree of freedom,” writes Lanza.

Create Your Own Reality

For now we have yet to cofirm this theory but Lanza continues to work hard to test them using Monte Carlo simulations on powerful MIT computer clusters.

ThisIsEngineering / Pexels
ThisIsEngineering / Pexels

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