8 Reasons Why I Don’t Fear Being Single, I Fear Being With The Wrong Person

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It can be tempting to settle into a relationship with someone who’s not quite right for you. Life can get lonely and it’s fun to have someone by your side to enjoy it with. But, being alone can be a lot more fulfilling and rewarding than being with the wrong person. Here are 8 reasons why you should fear being with the wrong person – and not fear being single:

1. Being alone offers space to reflect on your flaws and grow, and the wrong person might criticize those flaws and hold back your growth.

A woman sitting alone on a dock, looking out at the water.
Pexels / Keenan Constance
Pexels / Keenan Constance

Self-reflection can be done in a partnership, but with the wrong person, it can quickly cause major self-esteem issues and lack of growth or progress.

While single, you can actively identify your flaws and work to make changes in your life that a partnership with just anyone may not allow.

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