You Are About To Witness a Record Breaking Supermoon – The Biggest of The Century

2016's Beaver Supermoon is unusual in that it will be the closest Supermoon ever recorded so far in this century. It won't be this close again until the Beaver Supermoon of 2034.

This year's Beaver Supermoon is only one of 3 taking place over fall and winter. Last month's Hunter's Supermoon dazzled lunar enthusiasts with orange, red hues.

Next month's full moon, the Cold moon, will be a Supermoon as well. It also falls on the winter solstice, augmenting its energy.

To boost the effects of this year's brilliant Beaver Supermoon, bathe yourself in a warm bath infused with lavender oil. Relax in the energy of the moon and let it give you greater balance.

This is a great time to say a prayer for those no longer with you.

It's also a good time to bring your family and friends together for food and drink.

The autumnal moons, if you pay attention, teach you the value of preparing for the future and keeping your loved ones close.

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