6 Signs Your Child Has Reincarnated Multiple Times

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They’re wise beyond their years.

Your child might be young but they are seemingly wise far beyond their years. It’s kind of incredible when you stop and think about it. They use big words, have big thoughts, and big ideas.

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They think deeply.

They don’t come to any quick, knee-jerk type reactions. They seem to think everything through very thoroughly. You find they enjoy listening to adult music and reading adult books more than their kid counterparts.

They don’t fit in with other kids.

The other kids probably seem immature and mean to them, right? This is because, as an older, more seasoned soul, they don’t often get along with the fresher ones.

They ignore authority.

This is an incredibly challenging aspect of having a reincarnated child. They don’t listen well to authority and will often quietly defy what they’re told to do. Watch them closely of course, but understand that maybe they do have some insight and reason for what they do.

They enjoy alone time.

Reincarnated souls tend to need their alone time. They are usually introverted and need time to recharge after a big play date or birthday party. They still enjoy people, they just value that alone time.

They question everything.

Encourage this. It’s a great quality.

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