Reincarnation Confirmed: This Child Can Recall His Shocking Past Life In Unbelievable Detail

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Reincarnation is the simple idea that our spirits get to live multiple lives. There are many variations of the beliefs. For example, some believe that you’re repeatedly reincarnated until you learn an important lesson. Others believe that you are simply reincarnated over and over again without end.

Some believe that how you behave in your life determines what you’re reincarnated as. So if you’re good, you get to be reincarnated as a liger or something awesome like that. If you lead a bad life, you’re reincarnated as some lower being.

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Some people have a miraculous talent: remembering their past lives. In the case of James, an eight year old boy, these memories manifested in horrific nightmares. He would wake sobbing every night. Watch his incredible story: