Relationship Drama Predicted Next Week, Here’s What To Watch Out For As Venus And Uranus Meet

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The first part of this week is excellent for focus, concentration, and grounding. The no-nonsense Virgo Moon rewards those who pay attention to detail and those who work hard to support others, whether that’s at work or in the community.

An earthy lunar grand trine is excellent for seeing the bigger picture, so know that your small steps can lead to something much greater if you sow the seeds now.

Later in the week, Mercury trines Pluto in a show of leadership, seizing the initiative and using lateral thinking to get things done.

On Saturday, a potent meetup between Venus and Uranus could bring drama around a relationship – make sure any surprises in your love life are good ones!


You’re a natural leader, but this week you would benefit from taking a step backward for a while. Observe, make notes, listen to other people, and benefit from collective wisdom, especially in the first few days.

older man holds woman's arm as they sadly look at candle
Ruslan Guzov / Getty Images Via Canva Pro
Ruslan Guzov / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

On Friday, you may have the chance to make your case for a raise or a promotion. If you run your own business, intelligent choices at the end of the week could also lead to an increase in income.

Over the weekend, however, be careful with impulsive financial decisions. Something which seems too good to be true almost certainly is, indeed, too good to be true.