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5 Things Men Do When They Have Fallen In Love

Some men are not known for their capability of expressing their emotions. It can be hard to make into words just exactly what the mind and heart are feeling.

For those men, they prefer to let their actions speak louder than their words.

Men are brought up in today's society with expectations that they become the pillars of support for friends, family and loved ones. Showing emotion isn't considered "manly" by our peers.

But, when we finally decide to bring down the walls and let a person in, we make sure they know how much they're loved.

Here are five things a man does when he's truly in love:

He loves his partner for who they are, not what they look like

Ironically enough, as the world shifts more towards superficial beauty and a hook-up style culture, more and more men are choosing a partner for who they are rather than who looks the best.

Men that have fallen for their partners embrace them in every way.

They've fallen in love with each and every flaw or imperfection they have, and want nothing more than to support that person's dreams.

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He protects his partner

Men who are truly in love are always on guard of their partner, making sure both physical and emotional harm never reach their loved one.

They're always ready to stand in harm's way if it means the safety of their partner.

Additionally, they never ever think to hit or abuse the people they love.

He wants to know your opinion

Men that love their partners always value what they have to say. Whether it's an extreme political view or a stance on religion or what color to paint the living room, he's always willing to hear your side of things.

He goes out of his way for you

A man who is in love will almost always drop whatever he's doing if his partner needs help.

You're easily his top priority, and if there's any way he can fix your problem he's going to do it.

This could mean walking across town to get something you left at home or simply leaving a party early because you'd rather be somewhere else.

He's confident enough to let you live your own life

A theme that commonly happens in long-term relationships is codependency.

Some men struggle when their partners don't spend every single second with them. If a man truly loves you, then he'll be okay with you spending time with other people, whether it be girlfriends or coworkers.

He recognizes that we all need time to be independent and practice the things that make us who we are.

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Pay Attention To How People Treat You

10 Traits of Highly Likable People

There are people out there who are seemingly irresistible. It's not just their outward appearance, but the way they carry themselves that make them attractive.

It's not just you who feels a pull in their direction, but everyone they're around. These people exude confidence, kindness, charisma, and intelligence.

Here are ten habits that make an irresistible person irresistible.

1. They Treat Others How They Want

Everyone knows the golden rule, but irresistible people follow the platinum rule; they treat others how those people would like to be treated.

Not everyone wants to be treated the same way, so it's foolish to try.

2. They Have Integrity

Irresistible people have integrity, which makes you question your own.

They seem to understand what matters, and they would never try to sway you into thinking anything other than the truth.

Principle, honesty, and goodness are virtues they hold dearly.

3. They Have Compassion

Compassionate people are likable people, which is why irresistible people practice compassion in almost every situation.

In order to be liked, you have to be empathetic to another person's perspective, and that takes a great deal of compassion.

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4. They're Always Smiling

No one likes to be around someone who doesn't want to be around them.

Irresistible people are always smiling; they make you feel like they would rather be nowhere else than with you, in the present moment.

5. They Love Life

If you were successful, charming, and genuine, wouldn't you love life? Irresistible people enjoy life's ups and downs and they know that it's priceless.

Living life means taking chances, loving others, and cherishing the moment.

6. They Cherish Togetherness

Irresistible people don't try and keep people away from each other, in fact, they do the opposite.

They create connections between people who are like-minded, and they genuinely want people to succeed.

No one should be alone, and irresistible people understand this well.

7. They Value Hard Work

Perhaps one of the most likable qualities of an irresistible person is that they know that hard work creates success.

You'll never see an irresistible person asking for handout; they know they need to work harder than anyone else in order to achieve their goals, and that's exactly what they do.

8. They Truly Listen

It's hard to find someone who is truly willing to listen to you.

Irresistible people don't just wait for their turn to speak, they really want to listen to you so that they can help, empathize, show compassion, or provide meaningful advice.

This isn't a quality many people have or share with others.

9. Manners Matter

An irresistible person always conducts his or herself with manners and politeness.

They never miss an opportunity to say "please" or "thank you," which is incredibly attractive.

The little things go a long way, and they work on making people feel good whenever they see the chance.

10. They're Real

Not everyone is as genuine as they should be. We've all experienced someone who's fake, but an irresistible truly lives the life you see.

Their self-confidence is extremely high, and that's because they aren't trying to impress the people around them.

That in itself is impressive.

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