The Zodiac Sign That Makes For The Most Civil Kind Of Ex

Zodiac signs can reveal a lot about our loves lives, from our most compatible matches, to our dating habits that could maybe use some work. Our sign might actually be able to predict the kind of ex we would be, from most civil, to petty and dramatic.

They say that it's during a breakups that people reveal their true colors. Yet they also say that breakups feel the same as grief, so we should cut ourselves some slack. Find out what sign is best equipped to deal with this kind of pain.

Cancer Becomes Emotional

woman wiping off tears with cleanex

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Cancers can't help the tears streaming down their face. They feel deeply and just like they loved their person with everything they have, they mourn their loss with intense grief. They're entitled to their feelings as they make for some of the most loyal and supportive partners there are. They always put in the effort and take care of everyone around them, even before themselves.

The intensity of this pain can be hard to deal with. Cancers might impulsively block their ex so they can try to get over them, or they might send them a long text to reconcile even when they shouldn't. They have a hard time letting go or "giving up" on their person.

Aries Just Brushes It Off

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Aries are usually spontaneous and full of confidence. This can make it easier for them to walk away from someone who is dimming their light. These born leaders probably made the first move in the relationship, and are likely to be the ones that walked away.

However, once they're out, they don't bother to look back. They tend to not want anything to do with their ex. They don't see the need or feel a responsibility towards remaining civil. They stop caring when the situation no longer serves them, which isn't easy to do.

Leo Can Be Petty

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They're kinda mad that someone could just waste their time, energy and affection just like that. But they don't actually care, or at least they'll try to convince themselves they don't. Their grieving process starts with anger and this phase can last a while.

They might act out in small petty acts in order to cheer themselves up. They don't want to cross the line, but they take the breakup as an insult to their character, because if they could accept their partner with their flaws, they should have deserved the same effort.

Gemini Is On Again, Off Again

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This adventurous and fearless sign is all about going with the flow. If it's meant to be it will be and if it's not, they might go back to make sure a few more times. Geminis are easy to miss by their ex who longs for their charisma and energy.

This can either lead to the reconciliation of many of their relationships or it can lead to toxic patterns of stormy on again-off again relationships. They're social beings, can we blame them?

Taurus Wins With Loyalty

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It turns out that the sign that might take the crown for most civil ex is Tauras! Taurus tends to approach all situations with logic. Their stable nature pushes them to take the time to process which allows them to truly evaluate the relationship.

This process gives them closure because once they realize the relationship wasn't best suited for them anyway, they release any feels of resentment. This allows them to remain friends with their exes. Plus they tend to be quite loyal, even if it means having to put their differences aside.


If She Has These 5 Qualities, Don’t Let Her Go

Let's start this out by saying that each woman is unique in her set of qualities, and all women have a lot to offer. Yet in every relationship, there are some key qualities that give it a solid foundation and make it easier to build on. Women with the following qualities are catches and whoever finds one with all of them is one lucky person. Meeting them is usually unexpected and can almost feel like a dream. Once you find one, you won't want to let her go.

As for the women, out how many of these qualities apply to you and which you would like to work on in your growth journey.

She Knows How To Compromise

woman holding plant in mud

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One lie we tell ourselves is that things will always be as they are. Humans are a lot more complex than that, we grow, evolve, and change every single day from age and experience. That means that relationships also change over time and will require commitment.

This woman holds up to that commitment. She makes some sacrifices and takes the time to figure out what compromises need to be made to make the relationship last in the most loving way.

She Laughs At Your Jokes

couple smiling at each other in the sunlight

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This is a woman who doesn't take life too seriously and has enough of a free spirit to go with the flow. This is a woman who doesn't pretend to laugh at your jokes but she genuinely appreciates your sense of humor and loves to have a good time with you.

She makes for a great life partner who makes life fun, not dull. She shows her support not only by listening, and sharing your humor, but translates it into important matters as well.

She Calls You Out When You're Wrong

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A strong woman is not afraid to speak her mind and call out a wrong when she sees one. She is aware of her needs and holds her relationship to a high standard. She does not avoid confrontation only to result in passive-aggressive behavior, but deals with obstacles head-on with effective communication.

As much as she is supportive towards her partner, she also will call them out when they're falling down the wrong path. She can be counted on for her wisdom.

She Values Her Independence

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​This is a woman who does not see her partner as her only means of happiness. She values her partner without them being the center of her world. This allows for her relationship to not fall into codependency and become toxic.

She has her own interests, hobbies, and friends and she takes time to indulge in them as part of her self-care. This allows her to reenergize so that she can fully be present in her relationships without ever depending on or resenting her partner.

She Feels Like Home

man and woman reading a book in bed

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The best kind of woman will make you feel warm and at home wherever you are because she is home to you. There is something special about knowing that at the end of everyday, no matter how well or badly it went, the woman that you love is waiting for you.

Relationships with this kind of woman simply feel natural and comforting. She allows you to be completely yourself, as she is confident and comfortable with herself as well.

Bonus: She Likes You

man and woman sit on cliff at sunset facing towards the sun

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If a woman has chosen you, apart from all the rest, to be the one that she puts her time, effort, and affection into, then you're already quite lucky. A woman with all these qualities doesn't need to settle and she is not desperate.

She is not using you to fill a void but actually wants a meaningful relationship with you. That means that if she truly likes you then she is able to see your worth and potential. That's already worth keeping.


Everything To Know About Dating A Virgo Man

Virgo men are quite a delight to date, but they can also be difficult to put up with. Understanding their zodiac sign can help naviagte their behavior from their personality traits to their pet peeves and dating patterns.

Once a virgo falls, they fall hard, and they become quite protective but the journey to get there might have some ups and downs. Do you have what it takes?

He's Reserved And Guarded....At First

man sits in front of three plants barefoot

Erik Odiin / Unsplash

​It might be hard to get to know a Virgo man at first because they're quite guarded. They have often been through a lot which pushes them to be reserved and wary of anyone who puts them at risk of being vulnerable. They may not come off passionate from the start because they want to make sure they know what they're getting into first.

It helps them to be friends first. Once they cave to their feelings, they become extremely loyal and protective and let you in on their dark but hilarious sense of humor.

He's Quick To Adapt

man at airport with his legs resting on suitcase, looking at plane taking off

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As an Earth sign, the Virgo man is grounded to the earth and not to social ties and expectations. This makes it easy for him to be adapt but can also make it hard for him to be in one place for too long. He has an edgy side that can come off as impulsive but is great to have as support in difficult times.

The Virgo man loves to take on life's challenges but that doesn't translate that into matters of the heart. It's quite scary for him to fall in love and risk giving up his freedom.

Even In Love He's Stubborn

close up of couple holding hands in a field

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The power dynamic in a relationship with a Virgo can be a constant battle. The Virgo man likes to think of himself as the dominant partner. He often comes with a whole set of rules. His intentions aren't to be stubborn but he simply has a system. He likes things done in his chaotically organized way.

Stand your ground because he's likely not going to admit that he's wrong or missed a detail. What usually happens is that he'll analyze your criticism and come back with a delayed apology.

He Has A Way With Words

man looking down at his phone and smiling

Francesco Venancio/ Unsplash

Virgos a sign ruled by Mercury, which gives him the ability to be witty. His cleverness can be quite charming and he definitely has a way with words.

On top of that, his sign is associated with servitude. That means that when he finally caves to love, he is willing to go to any length to take care of his person, for as long as it's done in practical ways. That means that he'll take on projects or chores to help out for example.

He's Super Organized...In His Own Way

man sorting through files on desk

Dziana Hasanbekava / Unsplash

​Another result of being ruled by Mercury is that a Virgo's mind is racing at a 100 miles a minute. This makes him somewhat of a perfectionist as he wants to make sure everything is just right. He wants everything organized. Even if it looks messy to you he has a system and a method to his madness.

When it comes to relationships he can also have high standards that are sometimes hard to meet. However, he is able to adapt his definition of perfection to his love inetrest.

Communication Is A Rollercoaster

couple walking down the street holding hands

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​Relationships with Virgos can have really high ups followed by real downs. Due to his need for perfection, he can be quite fussy, and the speed and logic of his brain can make him unpredictable. He can seem hard to please which can be frustrating for his partner.

On top of that, his way of communication isn't always the nicest because it's rushed and ruled by emotion. On the good days, he'll be the best partner but on the bad days, you'll need a lot of patience.

Most Compatible Signs

zodiac signs clock on a building

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Virgo is most compatible with fellow earth signs or balanced by water signs. Tauras is able to respect Virgo's work ethic and they are similar in their honesty and bluntness. However, Capricorn is just as ambitious and hardworking. They just get each other.

Then there's water sign Cancer who balances out Virgo's logical and practical brain with some affection. Cancer is emotional and intimate and makes a great team when matched with a Virgo. Yet Scorpios are deep thinkers who love alone time and will have a similar communication style to Virgos.


5 Reasons Why The Silent Treatment Is The Preferred Weapon Of Narcissists

If there's one thing that narcissists have in common it's that they only want things done their way. It's their way or the highway. So, when they don't get what they want, they're willing to go to any lengths to get it.

From the perspective of their victims, they often end up apologizing for things they didn't do, or even the things done against them just to get their narccisst to talk to them again.


woman leans head on man's shoulder as he faces away

Milan Popovic / Unsplash

Are you familiar with the term "stonewalling"? It's a tool that narcissists use to punish someone who didn't act exactly like they wanted them to.

Stonewalling itself is the act of refusing to communicate with another person. Narcissists will Intentionally shut down during an argument. It'll make the person across from them feel completely insignificant and frustrated. Stay tuned to find out how this helps them.

Shifting The Focus

hand holding pink lens

Stephen Kraakmo / Usplash

Narcissists will avoid taking accountability at all costs. It's a huge hit to their ego to admit that they were ever wrong and they simply can't bear it. Instead, they'll find a way to absolve themselves from any blame. They do this by shifting the attention away from themselves and placing it on someone else.

Now all of a sudden you feel like the crazy person who needs them to talk.

Break You from The Inside

woman reading burning newspaper

Ali Khalil / Unsplash

The silence treatment has the power to completely change you from the inside out. It starts to break you gradually by making you feel angry, lost, confused, desperate, insignificant, and invisible all at the same time.

The pain of having the person you love most stonewalling you and acting as if you don't exist causes personality-level destruction. You change without even realizing it.

Take Back Control

hand grasping another hanging hand

Anete Lusina / Pexels

When a narcissist feels like they are at risk of being left or reprimanded for their actions they start to feel a loss of control and they don't like it. Narcissists thrive on being able to control and manipulate others. In fact, they're usually quite good at it.

The silent treatment gives them back a way to take control back and create change. They now can rework the interaction in their favor and punish their partner. That makes their partner crave validation and fight for that instead. the narcissist has no actual desire to form a connection, they simply want to have their wants met. The silent treatment forces their partner to do that.

Change The Power Dynamic

man trying to talk to woman by putting hand on her shoulder

Keira Burt / Pexels

All a sudden when you're on the receiving end of the silent treatment, your mind becomes locked in a battle to win them back. This is a person that supposedly loves and cares about you and when they start to withhold it, they threaten to take away your ability to be loved forever, or at least try to convince you that's the case.

In a way, the narcissist is taking the spotlight away from you and shining it on themselves. They want to appear like the center of your life so that you're too afraid to lose them. Instead, they manipulate you into obsessing over what you can do to earn them back.

It's All About Manipulation

man and woman hug in the shower

Alex Green / Unsplash

​If you are being the silent treatment take the time to process that this is all an act of manipulation against you. Don't fall for it. If someone needs to make you beg for their love then they definitely don't deserve yours.

Communication is essential and if they can withhold it from you, then they're making it clear that their intention is not to reach a resolution nor is your relationship their priority.


The Main Reason People Struggle In Relationships Explained

While no relationship is exactly the same, too often the way we attach ourselves to our partners says everything we need to know about why the relationship failed. Before you start blaming yourself, this attachment has a lot to do with your upbringing.

Attachment theory might be able to explain why people really struggle in relationships. Let's figure out what it means, and what your style would be.

It's All In Attachement Theory

A lot of our beliefs as adults are shaped while we are still children. We learn the most in the earliest stages of life from our parents. This is especially significant in romantic relationships.

We tend to project unto our romantic relationships the parental relationships we once formed, like an extension of those bonds. The way our parents interacted with us and showed love is often recreated by us as adults. However, for some, this could be detrimental. It all depends on which type of these four attachment styles you have.


If you are someone who attaches securely, then you are one of the lucky ones. One or both of your parents were very affectionate and in tune with your needs as a child. You recall mostly positive memories of your childhood and continue to have a good relationship with your parents. You tend to be trusting and reasonable.

On the other hand, you might be complacent in relationships because they're "good enough." You easily get comfortable even if the relationship is not completely up to your standard.


woman leans her head on the back of a man

Milan Popovic / unsplash

As the name suggests, those with avoidant attachment tend to avoid expressing their feelings. This is due to having one or both parents be emotionally unavailable or insensitive during their childhood. These kids were often shut down and made to perceive emotion as weakness.

As adults they tend to be too accepting of their partners' flaws, to make up for the lack of acceptance they once felt. However, they tend to judge themselves the harshest and feel as though love needs to be "earned." They often feel like they may get rejected if they show how they really feel.


woman wraps her hands arund man's neck

Joshua Rodriguez / Unsplash

If you've developed an anxious attachment, it's because your parents were inconsistent. There were times they made you feel loved and accepted and other times they were unavailable, overbearing, and insensitive. This child was always craving the nurturing side but anxious that one wrong move could flip the switch.

They tend to fear the unknown and have a hard time trusting. They never truly feel safe and end up acting out. They tend to be overly jealous, and overbearing in relationships as they overanalyze and make assumptions in an attempt to mind read their partners.


man and woman explains

Charly PN / unsplash

This attachment theory was developed by children that were living in fight or flight mode. They formed disorganized attachments out of fear because their parents create unsafe homes and frightening relationships. These children wanted to escape from the same people that were supposed to care for them.

They have a skewed view of their main attachment figures and as adults continue to live in survival mode. They easily feel threatened. They can be quite dismissive of emotion. They feel easily threatened and often except the worst., They require constant validation.

You Are Not Stuck

man and woman kiss by stringlights

Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

Keep in mind that you're not stuck with the consequences of your attachment style simply because of your parents' wins or mistakes. However, being aware of your attachment style is the first step in understanding your needs. Just like love languages, you are able to take control of your attachment style.

The right person will learn how to respond to your needs and love you the way that you are. Continue to work on getting past the childhood moments that seem to hold you back.

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