6 Common Traits Of Naturally Interesting People

If you've ever noticed a thing or two about interesting people is that they are always boasting of their endless adventures and travels, describing in great detail of the people they've met, the places they've explored, and all of the things that they've learned.

These people are always up for a chance to try something new, knowledge is power to them and have a undying hunger to learn more.

So what are some of these natural habits that interesting people have in common with each other?

1. First Time For Everything

Mentioned before, interesting people are always up to try something new for the very first time. There is a favorite expression of mine that I like to say: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

Essentially meaning that you will never really gain anything if you don't venture forth and try to learn something new! Even if you don't gain any kind of benefit from whatever it is, you at least have the experience to say that you did and move on to the next best thing!

2. Have Humility

Interesting people do not bring their egos into the picture. They tend to be some of the most modest people that you could ever meet. It's important to keep in mind that everything does not have to be a competition but an opportunity to learn something you never did from someone you've never met before.

Pride does not matter to them, showing humility and understanding their weaknesses are not the worst thing about them is something not most people can come to terms with themselves.

3. Quirky Without Effort

You also may notice that interesting people have their certain quirks about them. Which is totally fine, we are all a little weird in our own special ways, which is honestly another reason that makes them such an interesting person to begin with. Something about them is just way too alluring not to want to explore a little bit more thoroughly.

4. Hate Jumping On The Bandwagon

These people often have really good reasons as to why they do not follow the crowd and instead start doing their own thing.

It's nothing personal, it's more of a preference that interesting people have to be original, be your own hero, become the inspiration you aspire to so much, and basically just showing others that they should be the change that they desire in their lives.

5. Extremely Passionate

Really interesting people are some of the most passionate beings that you could ever meet, they are constantly radiating their passion for the things they love most.

It is a very important aspect about a person that shows others just how committed, driven, and goal oriented they really are.

If they can exude as much confidence to others then they have done their job. Passion is a quality everyone should have, or at least a passion for something!

6. Do Not Care For Negativity

Interesting people have no time to waste on those who have nothing good to say or have any good input to begin with. They will remove themselves from a negative person instead of staying and arguing with them for no reason.

More often than not, they use logic and reason to resolve their conflicts.

It is easy to get upset over something but they are very understanding when it comes to troubles. However, they do not tolerate negative people for any reason whatsoever.


6 Signs You're In The Wrong Relationship

Relationships can get messy.

And that's only because we're capable of feeling intense emotions rapidly, sometimes so fast that we forget to take a step back every now and then to really think about what's going on.

Sometimes those intense initial feelings you have for one another can keep your relationship happy for a short time, but eventually there has to be something else that takes its place.

Otherwise, you're likely to succumb to the boredom, fear, anger and frustrations of an unhappy relationship.

Here are six signs you're in the wrong relationship and need to move on:

You're starting to resent them

Falling out of love with your partner can happen, but when you start to have feelings of hate or contempt for them, it's a sign that things are about to get bad.

Don't let yourself become bitter and fearful.

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You blame each other for everything

You think that everything wrong with the relationship is their fault, while they think the same about you. Of course, you both know that neither person is 100 percent to blame.

But you're not about to let the other person know that. Time to move on.

You're entirely different from each other

If you like to be outside in the mountains all day, but your partner won't get off the couch for more than five minutes, certain needs and desires will eventually feel unfulfilled if both partners are not okay with the other's lifestyle.

Maybe the two of you met and had an instant connection, but as time went on you started to realize that you don't actually have much in common.

These differences can be a dealbreaker.

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You're not being yourself

If you've noticed that you've lost a lot of what it meant to be you, you might want to step back and re-evaluate things.

If we're not growing and changing for the better when we're with someone, or are actually getting worse, then it's a sign that things are not right.

Your partner should bring out the best version of yourself.

You fantasize about being with other people

While you might not be physically cheating on your partner, fantasizing about a life that doesn't include them is a form of emotional cheating.

Daydreams and visions of a better life with someone else, even if they're not real, is telling that you're currently unsatisfied.

You're not really trying

A great way to tell if you really want to be in a relationship is whether or not you care. If you're feeling more and more apathetic as the relationship moves forward, there really is no point in throwing time, money and effort at it, is there?

If you're bored with a relationship and can't find a reason to care, it's a sign to move on without each other. Apathy is the opposite of love.

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8 Ways To Spot Emotional Manipulation And How To Avoid It

Having strong connections to the people in your life is a really important thing to do in order to live this human experience fully, but sometimes, we let in people who manipulate us emotionally.

Here are 8 ways to spot that emotional manipulation.

1. They turn your words against you in a negative way.

A person attempting to manipulate you emotionally might say they're someone you can confide in, but then later use your words against you as gossip or in an attempt to convince you to do something you don't want to do.

Your words can also be used against you in a confrontation.

Telling a manipulative person about something they did to hurt you, they often turn it around, making it about their own personal struggles, and make you out to be the bad guy.

Sound familiar?

2. They present themselves as someone who just wants to help.

If you need help, a good friend will step up and help you. If you ask for help, they're there for you. Even if you didn't ask for help, they'll always ask if you need anything. It's a wonderful quality to have in a friend.

But with someone who's emotionally manipulating, that help is a bargaining chip that will be used against you in the future, or as a means to acquire your assistance with a future endeavor.

3. They say one thing, do another, then claim it wasn't what they said.

This is a good one. We see it in politics a lot. People say they're going to do one thing, then do another, and then they say that they never claimed the first thing in the first place.

What? Is your memory failing you? No, you've just encountered someone who has mastered the art of manipulation.

4. They try to guilt trip you.

Friends don't try to make each other feel guilty. Sometimes we do things and feel guilt about it, but you friends shouldn't ever try to impose that guilt on you.

A manipulative person might impose a guilt trip onto you in order to get you to perform a set of actions, even if it's just an apology.

Sometimes they'll get off on having that upper hand.

5. They tend to be passive-aggressive.

This enables a manipulative person to deal with things indirectly.

They'll leave a note, talk about you behind your back, and even sometimes support your decisions before turning around and acting put out by their role in supporting your decisions.

It's difficult to deal with passive-aggressive people. The best thing to do is confront them about it.

6. They aren't ever accountable for what they do.

When it comes to the manipulative people in your life, there's always someone to blame, and it's never themselves. Always something else.

Some external factor. They blame it on their upbringing, how tired they are, how hard they work.

Does this sound familiar at all?

7. They always seem to have it worse than you.

Your friends will be there through tough times. They'll let you know that they care and offer what support they can. But a manipulative person's problems are always a little bit worse.

Your grandma is in the hospital?

Well, sorry to hear that, but I have just had back to back to back exams at school and I just can't talk to you about this. You aren't the only one with problems.

Sound familiar?

8. They lower the energy of everyone around you.

There are just some people who are like that, aren't there? You spend a little bit of time with them and you're simply exhausted when you're done. What can we do about people like this?

Break free.

We all come across manipulative people at some point in our lives. It's important to fully understand how they operate so you can free yourself of them and their influence.

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5 Signs You’ve Met Someone From A Past Life

Have you ever met someone new and instantly feel a connection with them? You feel an "instant karma" with that person and that's exactly what it is – a karmic past life connection. But, how can you know for sure? Below are 5 signs you have met someone who you knew in a previous life.

1. You feel an instant, positive connection

You meet a total stranger and immediately establish a positive rapport with him/her. You feel totally at ease with this person and can talk for hours about anything and everything.

You "get" them and, better yet, they get you! You feel like you've known them forever and quickly become the best of friends.

Try not to over-think a connection like this. Just accept it for what it is and enjoy it!

2. You have an instant, negative reaction

At the opposite end of the spectrum, you feel an instant dislike for someone you just met.

If there is no apparent reason to dislike this person, it probably means that something negative happened between you in a previous life.

This certainly does not mean you shouldn't get to know them now, though! You didn't resolve your differences in a past life, so resolve them in this one!

3. Someone you barely know helps you for no apparent reason and vice versa

Someone gives you a helping hand in some way and asks nothing in return. Or, alternately, you feel an incredible need to help someone you barely know.

This could be anyone – a co-worker, teacher or someone who offers you something you badly need right when you need it.

This is a sure sign that this person is someone who has helped you or who you have helped in a past life, and you, or they, want to pay it forward in this one.

4. You have a telepathic connection

Is there someone in your life who you understand so much that you know what they're going to say before they say it and vice-versa?

If so, there's a good chance that you two have been through many lives together.

Souls that share lifetimes tend to have a deeper connection than souls who are just interacting for the first or second time.

If your connection is on a subconscious level, you've probably been together before.

5. The relationship is short-lived, but intense

Often we have unresolved business with someone from a past life, but we don't need a long time to resolve it in this life.

While such a relationship can be painful and confusing in the present lifetime, it can be exactly what both souls needed to do to resolve an experience from the past.

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5 Red Flags You’re In A Relationship With A Cheater

When you're falling for someone, or in a steady relationship, you want to assume the best. But you don't want to be blind-sided if things come crashing down. With the world of social media, it's easier than ever to cheat - both physically and emotionally.

Without assuming the worst, it can be helpful to recognize potential signs that you're with a cheater. Here are 5 red flags that you're with a cheater:

1. They don't make an effort in the relationship.

They put little effort into growing or deepening your relationship. They may even struggle to maintain your relationship.

They don't say "I love you" often. They don't show affection much. They may give you a quick kiss as they run out the door, but they avoid eye contact and non-sexual intimacy.

Not putting forth effort in a relationship is typically an issue, but it doesn't always mean that person is cheating. However, it is a red flag and it is a behavior associated with cheating.

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2. They don't allow for quality time.

When spending time with one another, they're never fully present. They don't allow for quality time with you and may act distracted.

It can be as simple as scrolling through their phone while watching a show with you, or texting someone else while at dinner with you.

Phone use is a common distraction, but they may be distracted in other ways too. They may just have their head in another place, thinking of other things and obviously not present with you.

If they're not being present or allowing for quality time, you'll know. It doesn't necessarily mean they're cheating, but it's a common behavior among those who are.

3. They talk about others - a lot.

They regularly bring up a certain someone, whether that be a co -worker or friend. Their relationship may seem a bit flirtatious, but they swear there's nothing to it. No matter what comes up, they claim it's totally platonic.

They may even try and justify inappropriate behavior, like late-night texting or confiding personal information, by saying they're just a friend. And yet, they keep bringing that person back up.

If you've got a gut feeling about it, there's a good chance you're right.

4. They're secretive with their phone.

They don't allow you to know their passcode or use their phone. If you do have to use their phone for some reason, they go through it first and make sure it's "ok" before handing it off to you.

They may even give you their passcode for something, but change it as soon as you hand it back. It gives you a false sense of trust, and they hope you won't get suspicious since they handed their phone and passcode off that one time, no questions asked.

Despite being secretive with their own phone, they may have the desire to go through yours. They may expect to have your passcode, and if you don't care, they may browse your search history, messages, texts, and DMs, to make sure you're not cheating. It's a form of projecting their own guilt onto you and prevents privacy and trust from forming in the relationship.

5. You're regularly excluded from plans.

They regularly make plans without you. They may have late nights with friends, where you're not invited. Or, they may go to work events, parties, or trips and not offer to bring you along.

You may have not even met their friends or co-workers, despite them spending a lot of time with them.

It's normal and healthy to have friendships and make plans without one another, but they do it to an extent that goes beyond healthy.

It may feel like they don't like to do stuff with your or include you in anything. Or, they may even try to "hide" you from their friends. It's a lot easier to cheat if their friends don't know much about you. You two could be on a "break" for all they know, since you're never around.

What to do if you think you're with a cheater?

How to move forward if you think your partner is cheating, is entirely personal to you. It can be an emotional time, so taking a moment to pause and reflect, or seeking help from an outside source like a therapist, may help you to move forward with ease.

You may want to try and salvage the relationship, or move on gracefully. Whatever you choose to do, do it with a heart full of love and a mind open to new possibilities.

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