6 Subtle Signs Someone Is Gaslighting You

You've probably heard the term "gaslighting" before and know it's a major red flag in a relationship. Maybe you think you would know if someone was treating you that way and wouldn't tolerate it. But it can actually be really hard to recognize when someone is gaslighting you. Gaslighting is extremely manipulative and creates an environment in which the victim does not trust their own judgement.

Beyond that, the signs that someone is gaslighting you may be subtle and start slowly. So, what can you do to make sure that you're not being gaslighted and manipulated? Avoid being in a toxic relationship and learn the red flags of gaslighting.

Here are 6 subtle signs that someone is gaslighting you:

1. They belittle your achievements.

They don't get excited for your achievements or accomplishments. They act unimpressed and make you feel bad about being excited.

Maybe you get a promotion at work or a raise and come home excited to share the news only to be met with negativity and disgust. They might say things like, "Oh, I thought you would've been in that position years ago," or "It's about time you got a raise, maybe you can start carrying your weight a little more around here."

When you're proud of something, they flip the situation to try and make you feel bad for it.

If this is happening to you, please channel your inner Alpha woman and move on from the relationship.

2. They're always right.

They're always right, and you're always wrong. Period.

It doesn't matter if you're washing dishes the "wrong" way or remembering details from an argument, you'll never be right around them (even if you are).

They try to make you feel bad about wrong, like you're less of a person than them for doing things differently. And if you argue with them about being right? They'll guilt you for it and act like you're being mean and a "monster."

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3. They don't support your happiness.

When you're in a good mood, they do something or say something to bring you down. They create an environment that fosters negativity, sadness, loneliness, and self-doubt. You may feel happy when you're away from that, but as soon as you get back to them, your mood drops.

Being with someone like this is like the opposite of being with your soulmate. Don't let them steal your happiness any longer.

4. They attack your decisions.

They second-guess every decision you make and make you feel stupid about it. They may angle it in a way that's seemingly from a place of positive intent. They may even act like they're second-guessing you for your best interest.

They want you to rely on them and not trust yourself at all. If you spend too much time with someone like this, you may start to second-guess your own decisions and question everything that you do.

5. They judge everything you do.

Everything you do and say is met with judgement and negativity. After all, you can't do anything right in their eyes and they're constantly judging you for it.

6. They think they can validate you.

They work hard to get you to a place where you feel like you need them to validate you. You don't trust yourself and may feel like you can't do anything right. Your own partner doesn't trust you to do anything right, why should you trust yourself?

Since they're always correcting you and questioning your every move, you start to take your decisions and thoughts directly to them. Instead of checking in with yourself and validating yourself, you check in with them and seek their approval and validation.

They make sure the control is in their hands.

Breaking free from gaslighting.

Your self-esteem may take a huge hit if you're in a partnership with someone who's gaslighting you for too long. This relationship dynamic can cause a lot of emotional scarring and trauma.

The best thing to do if you're in a relationship and being gaslighted is to gracefully remove yourself from that situation. Recognizing the unhealthy patterns is the first step to breaking free from gaslighting.

Don't be afraid to reach out to friends or family for support. While you may be conditioned to go through your partner for everything, it's important to get a 3rd party involved to support you so your partner can't manipulate you as easily as you exit the relationship.

It can be hard to break free, but it's so much better to be single than in a relationship with the wrong person.

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8 Red Flags That You’re In A One-Sided Relationship

Relationships take work, but they are so worth the effort with the right person. But if you're in a relationship with the wrong person, putting in the work may be a lost cause and only create heartache for you. There are many reasons why being single is better than being with the wrong person.

You may know you'd prefer to be single than spend time with someone who doesn't value you, but it can be hard to know if your relationship is experiencing normal and healthy hiccups, or if you're with someone who isn't meeting you halfway.

One-sided relationships can be soul-crushing and heartbreaking, but so hard to recognize without taking a deep, hard look at the relationship.

Recognizing the red flags of a one-sided relationship will help you more easily identify if you're in that situation to get out sooner. Here are 8 warning signs you're in a one-sided relationship:

1. They wish you were different.

They "love" you, but they wish you would change. They "care" about you, but there's a lot they wish were different.

They may express their desire for you to change openly, saying things like, "I wish you were like her," or, "Why don't you act this way?"

Or they may hint at their desire for you to change by saying things like, "They do it this way, why can't you?"

They may do things like buy you gifts that don't make sense to you (but make sense to the person they want you to be). For example, they may get you workout clothes when you don't workout because they wish you would workout. Or they may get you an elegant diamond necklace when you'd prefer a simple hemp choker because they wish you were more elegant.

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2. They don't connect with you when you're together.

They're distracted when you spend time together. They may be on their phone or lost in their own thoughts, but they're not fully present with you.

They rarely spend quality time with you and you struggle to connect with them on an emotional level.

3. They exclude you from decision making.

They make decisions for themselves, without consulting you. Even big life decisions, like taking a job in a new town, are made without you. You're simply told after the fact.

Of course, relying on a partner to make decisions can create a codependent and toxic relationship, but when you're in a partnership, it's important to discuss major moves with your partner and value their opinions and perspective.

4. They don't work to communicate.

They don't put an effort into communicating clearly or effectively, even when you do. You may feel like you're constantly working to communicate better and they're just not meeting you halfway.

They may even voice that they don't see a problem with the current communication and get annoyed when you try to better it.

5. They're disrespectful.

They talk about other people in a way that should be reserved for you. When they're out with friends, they may pretend you don't exist and act single. They may say things about other people they find attractive that hurts your feelings, and they don't seem to care. Friends and strangers alike may be unsure of your relationships status based on the way they talk about you or others.

6. They don't support your dreams and goals.

They put you down for wanting to achieve big things in life. They refuse to support your goals and don't believe that you can achieve much. They make you feel silly for wanting to do certain things or get upset if your goals interfere with their own.

7. They're secretive.

They hide their phone from you and are secretive about things. They try to keep you out of their business and don't share much with you about their work life, friends, or thoughts.

8. They make you feel guilty.

They question you and may accuse you of cheating, lying, or keeping secrets. They may make you feel guilty for wanting anything in the relationship, like better communication or to be included in major decision making.

You can have more.

Strong men and strong women don't tolerate this in relationships and you shouldn't either. It's hard, but so worth it to exit a partnership with the wrong person and wait until you meet your soulmate.

Be mindful that you're not putting in all the effort and living with a one-sided relationship. And remember, while these warning signs are a good place to evaluate from, every relationship is different and an unhealthy or one-sided relationship could look different for you and your partner.

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8 Ways You Can Express Your Unconditional Love With Your Partner

Sometimes when you're in a relationship or partnership with someone you love, it can be hard to express your love for them in a way that they'll recognize. After all, everyone has unique love languages, traits, language, and expectations surrounding how to show and receive love. When you love someone deeply and unconditionally, it's important to show them that love in a way that's meaningful and recognizable to them.

And while it may seem like showing love should come naturally, it's actually an art that can be practiced and perfected. Here are 8 ways you can express your love to your partner:

1. Grow through your disagreements.

Every couple goes through disagreements and arguments. It's normal and can be healthy when done properly. Believe it or not, you can actually express your love to your partner through these disagreements and arguments.

Learning to fight better is a powerful way to express your love. Rather than allow the arguments to pull you apart, use them to learn more about your partner and grow together as a couple through the experience. Take every disagreement as a learning opportunity to strengthen your relationship and your partner will feel your love through it.

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2. Learn their love language and speak it often.

Every person feels and expresses love differently, but there are 5 primary "love languages" that people lean towards in expressing and feeling love. Discovering which love language your partner has is key to ensuring they truly feel your love on a regular basis.

Once you know what love language they have, make an effort to speak to them in that language. Here are some ways to express love for each of the love languages:

Acts of Service: Do chores, errands, and tasks for them that they may not want to do themselves.

Physical Touch: Give them a rub on the back, a pat on the shoulder, or a nuzzle on the neck in passing.

Quality Time: Make a date for just the two of you to spend time together. Leave your phone at home and focus on being fully present.

Gifts: Grab them a little gift on your way home from the store. Surprise them randomly with something you know they'd love. It doesn't have to be their birthday or Christmas to give gifts and express your love.

Words of Affirmation: Remind them daily how beautiful or kind they are, how great they look, how much you love them. Speak kind words and compliments of your love and they'll hear you on a deep level.

3. Be painfully honest.

Speak your truth and hold space for them to speak their truth. Creating a painfully honest environment allows you to speak the truths of your heart, including your unconditional love. And with such an honest space, it's likely your partner will truly believe and cherish your honesty and feel your love.

4. Share your excitement for your future together.

Don't hold back about expressing your excitement for your future together. If you're thinking of marriage, kids, vacations, career shifts, etc., share your thoughts and feelings with your partner - and make sure to include them in the future scenarios.

This affirms your desire to stay with your partner and your love for them and your time and life together.

5. Show pride in them.

Did they get a promotion at work? Achieve a fitness goal they've worked hard for? Make a new friend? Whatever it is, show pride in them for their accomplishments and achievements.

Rather than get jealous, get excited and proud for your partner and ooze these feelings all over them! It'll show them your true love.

6. Hold space for them to be emotionally vulnerable.

Foster an open atmosphere that allows for emotional vulnerability. Hold space for your partner to simply be, in whatever emotional state they may be experiencing. Hold them tight, or give them space (whatever they need in the moment).

By being there and being open to their emotions without judgement, you're expressing unconditional love.

7. Ask them for advice and opinions.

Show that you care deeply about their opinions and advice by asking for their opinions and advice! It'll make them feel heard, valued, and loved.

8. Speak highly of them when they're not around.

When you're talking to your family, friends, or coworkers, make sure to speak highly of your partner. Let everyone know your love for them. Everyone should know you're in a relationship with someone you love and respect deeply - and that will eventually get back to them.

How you speak of them to others when they're not around is a clear way to really show your partner your love. Though indirect, it's effective and powerful.

There are many ways to express your love to your partner. Finding the ways that work for you and your loved one is the most important key in making sure you're both seen and heard.

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Strong Women Don’t Beg For Attention, They Leave People Who Make Them Feel Unloved

If you've ever been in a relationship with someone and think things are going great only to end up ghosted - you're not alone. Ghosting is becoming more and more common...and it drives women crazy.

Here's how it often goes: A woman is ghosted or things end suddenly, and she ends up bombarding her ex's phone with non-stop text messages, longing for closure. She might even show up to his house, workplace, or other locations he frequents. Then when he still doesn't text her back, she obsesses over the relationship, everything that happened, trying to make sense of everything. She might even wait around, expecting him to come back and apologize any moment. She wonders what's wrong with her and what she did wrong. She hopes he's thinking of her like she is of him.

Here's the thing about guys though. If they're interested, you'll know it. And if they're not? It's time to move on. When someone isn't interested, it's a waste of time to try and change that.

Besides that, if you truly want a chance with them again (which, why would you if they ghosted you, but if you did), sending texts and acting desperate will just push them away further. Showcasing the strong woman that you are will get heads turning, though!

A strong woman, an Alpha woman, does things a little differently when she realizes a guy isn't into her.

A strong woman respects herself enough to move on with grace.

She doesn't sacrifice her dignity and self-respect by sending a million text messages and leaving endless voicemails. If she's ghosted, she reflects the silence that's given to her right back at them.

A strong woman does grieve the relationship, but she does so with purpose. She doesn't lay around sobbing and watching soap operas for weeks. She mourns in a way that feels good to her for a maximum of three days. Then, she puts her "big girl pants" back on and carries on with life.

A strong, Alpha woman knows that she'll find someone better. After all, if someone ghosted her or ended things distastefully, they're not emotionally mature enough to be in a healthy relationship to begin with. She recognizes that and may even be happy when a situation like that arises so she can move on quicker to someone worth her time and energy.

Being treated poorly really opens your eyes to the depths of that person's core and emotional intelligence. A strong woman might even thank them for showing her their true colors early on.

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A strong woman doesn't settle.

Beyond handling being dumped or ghosted with grace and dignity, a strong woman also knows when she needs to end things and she does so unapologetically. She's unafraid to move on from a relationship if she's being treated as second-best or being undervalued.

She regularly reassess her relationships to ensure she's being met with respect and appreciation.

She ends things gracefully if and when need be. She doesn't offer lengthy explanations or drawn-out apologies. Rather, she calls for a simple face to face meeting (or even a phone call) and explains that she doesn't see long-term potential in the relationship and doesn't want to waste either of their time any longer.

She thanks him for their time together and wishes him well. That's it. No apologies, sob stories, explanations, or quests for closure. After all, at the end of the day if things didn't work out, it doesn't really matter why. There's no need to dive into the relationship once it's already ended.

She knows that if things don't work out with one man, there are others. There are enough men for every person and her "Mister Right" is out there somewhere. She's willing to stay single until she finds a man with the right traits.

A strong woman refuses to chase love.

Trying to "fight" for love with the wrong person never ends well and she knows it. She has too much self-respect and dignity to push for things to work in a relationship that's anything less than great.

As romanticized as it is to chase after people and do crazy things in the name of love, a strong woman knows her worth and refuses to chase anyone who doesn't value her - and men respect her for it.

While it may feel right to cling to your relationship and "fight" for your ex in the name of love, channeling your inner Alpha woman, your inner strength, and moving on with grace and dignity will boost your confidence, self-esteem, and ease the pain of heartbreak.

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8 Reasons Why I Don’t Fear Being Single, I Fear Being With The Wrong Person

It can be tempting to settle into a relationship with someone who's not quite right for you. Life can get lonely and it's fun to have someone by your side to enjoy it with. But, being alone can be a lot more fulfilling and rewarding than being with the wrong person. Here are 8 reasons why you should fear being with the wrong person - and not fear being single:

1. Being alone offers space to reflect on your flaws and grow, and the wrong person might criticize those flaws and hold back your growth.

Self-reflection can be done in a partnership, but with the wrong person, it can quickly cause major self-esteem issues and lack of growth or progress.

While single, you can actively identify your flaws and work to make changes in your life that a partnership with just anyone may not allow.

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2. Dealing with the pain of life alone is easier than going through it with a partner who is part of causing that pain.

Life can be hard and it's definitely not easy to go through alone. Having friends and family to share with is important and helpful, but it's not the same as having a partner to confide in and share your burdens with.

But, things get complicated when that partner is making life harder and causing you pain. It's easier to go through life's hardships alone than with someone who inflicts more worry into your life.

3. Time alone can be used for growth and healing, but time with the wrong person can be damaging.

When you're single, you can spend time in personal growth and heal old wounds. You can dive deep into your childhood traumas and explore the parts of you that need a little extra love. That time to yourself to heal, grow, and expand is invaluable. Of course, it would be beautiful to share that with a lover, or partner, who is also on a journey of healing and has the ability to hold that space for you. But it's important you choose that person wisely.

Being with the wrong person might not only hinder personal healing progress, but may actually cause more trauma.

4. Time alone can be used to make connections with people, but time with the wrong person might prevent you from meeting your soulmate.

When you're single, you can go on casual dates, make new friends, and leave doors open to exploring new relationships with a variety of people. This allows you to be open and ready to meet your soulmate when the timing is right.

If you're spending time in a relationship with someone who's not "the one," you may miss out on deeper and purer connections with others. You might even meet your soulmate in passing and be so consumed with someone else that you don't pursue them.

5. Intimate satisfaction can be achieved alone and in a healthier way than with someone who doesn't respect you or connect with you.

Intimate satisfaction can be had alone, and it's more fulfilling and empowering than with someone who doesn't respect you or connect with you on an emotional level.

Exploring intimacy while single can actually enhance your love life when you do find the right person, because you've had time to explore what you like and what you're comfortable with. On the other hand, exploring intimacy with the wrong person can result in trauma and blocks that make intimacy with future partners less enjoyable.

6. Sleeping alone is less painful than sleeping next to someone and still feeling alone.

When you climb into bed at night by yourself, you know that you're alone. You expect to feel alone. And that's ok. But if you're climbing into bed with someone else, you probably expect to feel connected and seen, and if you do feel alone next to that person it's probably more painful than sleeping by yourself.

The wrong partner can leave you feeling alone not just in bed but at all times of day. When you get off work and go home to him or her and feel lonely, that's a sure sign you're with the wrong person and that's far harder than coming home and knowing you're going to be alone.

7. You can enjoy your favorite hobbies alone more than with someone who doesn't enjoy them with you.

It's no secret that having common interests is important in a relationship. When you're with someone who doesn't enjoy doing things with you, or maybe they even make fun of your hobbies, it can be hard to connect with them or enjoy your free time together. Being alone allows you to participate in your favorite activities and hobbies and really enjoy them to the fullest.

8. It's freeing to make decisions for yourself, but making decisions with the wrong person can feel controlling and lead to codependency.

When you have to do everything for yourself, it can be both daunting and rewarding. Making every decision alone from what you have for dinner to if you pay your bills on time and what vacation spot you're hitting that year is a big task that can be empowering and stressful.

Making decisions together, in a partnership, is easier and safer feeling. Not all of the weight is on you. But when that partnership is with the wrong person, joint decision making can quickly escalate to codependency and even control issues. It's a slippery and dangerous slope.

It can be tough, but it's important to stay single until you find that right person for you. Life is easier alone than with the wrong person.

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