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20 Simple Ways To Say "I Love You" Without Saying A Word

Do you remember the first time you realized you loved someone?

If you were like me, you got that intense urge to tell them just how you felt, but you also hesitated to say it because you knew just how much it meant.

Not to mention, what if they didn't feel the same way about you? But, once you told them and they reciprocated the feeling, you were on cloud nine!

Saying "I love you" is a small phrase that lets a person know you care about them, but as the saying goes, "actions speak louder than words."

The Huffington Post asked readers what kinds of small things their partners do regularly just to show how much they care and they had some pretty amazing responses!

Here are 20 ways we can let our partners know just how much they mean to us without having to say a word:

1. "My fiancé keeps a hair tie in his pocket because he started noticing I always forget! Whenever he sees one, he always sticks it in his pocket for later when I inevitably forget to bring one when we go out." — Leah W.

2. "He helps out with things my parents need done." — Rima B.

3. "Every morning before he goes to work, he loads the dishwasher and puts away the toys so when we wake up, we have a nice clean house to start the day with." — Sarah B.

4. "He warms my side of the bed for me before I come to bed." — Cathrine L.

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5. "After a long day, we relax in our living room and watch a little TV. He sits on the couch and I lay down. He reaches for my foot and begins to rub. Next is the other foot. I don't ask, he just does it. I would say that's love." — Deby H.

6. "I have night terrors and PTSD and he stays up so I can fall asleep first so I know I'm safe." — Taye S.

7. "He makes me dinner every night. 12 years strong." — Katy A.

8. "He lets me sleep in and brings me bacon sandwiches in bed when I've been out till 6 a.m. on a girls night out." — Ze N.

9. "My husband died suddenly when he was 48. What I miss the most about him was when he made me coffee, he heated the cup first so it didn't cool off quickly because he knew how much I love hot, hot coffee." — Jacque C.

10. "He kisses me goodbye and then I see him eyeing my tires to make sure they're filled with air." — Clarees E.

11. "I love Snickers and salted caramel. Whenever he goes to the market, he always comes back with either a Snickers or salted caramel snack. Doesn't matter what day or occasion, I know whenever he looks at a Snickers he thinks of me and gets me one just to see me smile." — Laura C.

12. "He doesn't allow company over on 'Grey's Anatomy' nights because that's my favorite show." — Crystal L.

13. "He takes allergy medication as part of his morning routine. I've recently started suffering from allergies but I'm way too forgetful to include in my routine, so every time he takes his pill after breakfast, he brings an extra upstairs to me as I put on my makeup. It's silly but it warms my heart every single time." — Renee C.

14. "He carries band-aids if we go out on the town because he knows my shoes will start to chafe!" — Ashleigh M.

15. "My fiancé has to get up pretty early to get ready for work but he makes a point to wake up 15 to 20 minutes earlier than he needs to so he can get back into bed and cuddle with me before he leaves for the day. He does this every morning even if I don't wake up to realize it." — Heather M.

16. "If my fiancé can tell that I'm upset by something I don't want to talk about, he makes me food, cuddles me on the couch and watches stupid shows and documentaries with me until I finally talk to him about what's bothering me." — Rebekkah A.

17. "He takes the bus so I can go to work by car." — Audrey B.

18. "He has texted me every day at 4 p.m since the day we met. It's always something sweet just to brighten my day." — Terri H.

19. "He runs errands after work, like picking up my prescriptions, so I can come right home and not worry about it." — Ali E.

20. "My husband Nick cleans the hair out of the shower drain for me because it makes me gag." — Mahina H.

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You've Worked So Hard To Get Here

5 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Truly Loved

1. Tell her she's beautiful.

Because she is, isn't she? I mean, you picked her, after all. It's not a given. She wants to hear it. And when she does, she'll know you care.

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2. Make sure she know she's a part of your life.

Include her in decisions, big and small. Make sure that she knows she's a factor in everything that you do; in every plan big or small.

She'll appreciate it and return the favor. The best relationships are the ones where you grow together, not apart.

3. Let her be fully exposed.

If she's mad, let her holler. If she's sad, let her cry. Just be there. If she fall to pieces, just be there. Listen to her talk about whatever happens to be on their mind.

Let her know it'll be okay, she'll get through it, and she'll be stronger for it.

4. Leave your door open.

Figuratively and literally. Make sure that you aren't secluding yourself too much physically or emotionally. Be open. Let her in.

She'll know you're always around for her, and she'll return that favor in a heartbeat.

5. Get intimate.

Hubba hubba! At the core of it all, express yourself physically. She'll be able to tell it's way more than just banging one out casually. She'll feel the love.

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Find Someone Who Speaks Your Language

5 Things Single People Can Teach Those In A Relationship

People often act like the single life is something you need to get away from as quickly as you can, and when you do find a partner, the virtues of the single life are to be discarded.

But life can teach us many different lessons, whether or not we're single or in a relationship. These are some lessons I learned during my year of intense, happy singleness.

1. It's okay to spend some time alone.

I've seen it before. Heck, I've done it before. You get into a relationship and suddenly it's you plus one all the freaking time.

Some people pull it off, and it's fine, but you have to be careful you aren't letting your new partner drive you nuts by always being around.

If you need to spend some time alone, it's okay to spend some time alone. Your partner can understand that.

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2. You don't have to compromise your priorities and goals.

If you have goals in life that you want to achieve and certain priorities to meet, just because you've found a partner doesn't mean you suddenly need to compromise those goals.

I've always thought that the healthiest relationships involve two people who have room to grow together. It's unfair to expect one person in the relationship to give up everything for the other.

You should both be able to pursue your dreams.

3. Your privacy is important.

It can be hard to find privacy when you have a partner, especially when you're living together.

While some people argue that complete transparency is necessary, like sharing email passwords and having access to each others' phones, I strongly disagree.

In the relationship I have now, I still have my privacy. No one is looking over my shoulder, asking to see my email, or anything like that. It's not needed.

We trust one another to make the right choices in this relationship. Your privacy is an important thing to hang onto.

4. You should still spend time with your friends.

How many times in your life has a good friend of yours gotten into a relationship and they're just a goner after that? It's happened to me plenty of times.

I consider it a type of manipulation nine times out of ten, and it's a sign that your friend might not be in the healthiest relationship. It's something I avoid like the plague myself.

If I want to go out with friends and my partner doesn't, then I go out and my partner doesn't. And the same if I'm not in the mood to go out.

5. Intense arguments aren't needed to solve your problems.

This is one I've never quite understood. I have never once had an intense argument with a partner. Tempers have certainly flared, but nothing like a drag-out brawl between two people.

Why? Because it's not necessary.

Consider it this way: if you had a major disagreement with a coworker, would you pull them into the break room and start yelling? There's no need for it.

It doesn't accomplish anything. And that goes for relationships too. If you're upset, collect yourself before you talk. Know what you want to say.

And don't let the little things build up into one explosive big thing. Don't let minor annoyances bubble over into complete disdain.

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Always Remember

6 Easy Ways To Let Go Of Insecurity In Your Relationships

1. Learn to be dependent upon yourself.

In order to let go of insecurity, you have to learn to depend on yourself, not a partner. Love isn't about leaning on someone for support all the time.

Learn to stand on your own and you'll feel much less insecure.

2. Let go of your paranoia.

Most of the time, paranoia is based on nothing. Yeah, your partner will be talking to their ideal gender sometimes. They work with them, they go to school with them, they're friends with them.

If you can't trust your partner to be around them on their own, you aren't ready for a relationship.

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3. Don't see things in black and white.

It's not always yes or no, good or bad. You can't see things in black and white like that. When you do, fights happen. When fights happen, insecurities arise.

Be flexible. Don't point fingers. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

4. Leave your baggage behind.

The past is the past. You have to learn to let it go. If you keep carrying around your baggage, it's going to weigh you down and keep you feeling insecure.

5. Don't psych yourself out.

If you have a concern about something, let your partner know. There's no harm in that. If you don't, you're going to psych yourself out about it which leads to insecurity.

Make sure your worries don't exist solely in your head.

6. Remember, it isn't all about you.

It's hard not to think the world revolves around you, but it doesn't. Once you realize your relationship isn't about you but us, you're going to be way better off.

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The Most Powerful Thing You Can Say Is Nothing

5 Simple Comebacks For Dealing With Rude People

Rude people suck, but there's no way to get around it: you're going to run into one now and then. These are 5 great ways to deal with rude people.

1. Tell Them You Appreciate Their Perspective

When someone is being rude to you, they don't expect graciousness, or any kind of positive emotions to come at them.

If anything, it'll disarm them and make them realize you appreciate different viewpoints, including theirs.

2. Thank them.

Put on a smile and say "thank you." It's a subtle way to acknowledge their rudeness and opt out of engaging them on it.

It shows you're in control of your emotions.

3. Tell them they're right.

Just because someone is rude doesn't make what they have to say incorrect.

If someone rudely points something out, tell them they're right. It almost always gives them pause. They expect you to argue, not concede.

4. End the conversation.

There's nothing wrong with saying a conversation with a rude person is over. You're in charge of who you talk to about what. If you're being disrespected, walk away.

5. Laugh.

Because what's funnier than laughing in the face of a rude person?

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