5 Signs You’re Arguing With A Psychopath

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Have you ever been in the middle of an argument with someone and realized the conversation was going no where? Here are five obvious signs that you’re arguing with a psychopath. Is there any thing we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

1. They’re Privileged But Try To Play The Victim

Ellen Araujo / Pexels
Ellen Araujo / Pexels

I think pretty much everyone knows someone like this and it sucks to argue with them.

It’s like when a boy grew up in a middle class family tries to tell a girl from a very poor family that he understands her and had to work hard for everything he had to.

The reality is so different and even though he came from privilege, he undermines the experience of someone else by trying to make it his own.

2. They shift moods rapidly.

n the argument, they may go from being objective or compassionate to vicious and personal in a split second.

They may flatter you and apologize then attack you again a minute later. They’re fighting to control the narrative.

3. They’re constantly condescending.

Psychopaths tend to think their shit don’t stink, so to speak.

They tend to keep a calm, cool demeanor that enables them to seem in control. This is then utilized to talk down to their debate opponent.

4. They can’t own it when they make a mistake.

With psychopaths, their words and actions are almost never in alignment and they are constantly playing the victim card. If they messed up, they pass the blame to someone else.

More than anything, they want you to be grateful for them in your life, no matter how crappy they can be.

5. They project themselves onto you.

In the most heated of arguments, a psychopath will try to pin their own worst qualities on you.

They try to smear your character with their own flaws to take the heat off of themselves. They want you to seem like the crazy one.

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