5 Things You Need To Remember If Your Partner Has Anxiety

Depression often accompanies anxiety

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America reports that approximately half of people with an anxiety disorder suffer from depression as well. The two conditions together create a tug-of-war effect, as the person feels torn by being dragged in two separate directions.

Anxiety is fast and flowing, while depression is stagnant and apathetic. Trying to manage both can be overwhelming for your partner.

Alone time is absolutely necessary

Because of how draining anxiety disorders are, your partner might not want to go out every weekend, so be respectful of their wishes. Their lack of energy is further amplified by social settings, meaning they can become overwhelmed easily if they're already tired beforehand.

They want to be with you, but they need time to be alone in order to recharge their batteries--then they're back to normal and back to being a good partner for you.

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