7 Signs That You’ve Lived Many Past Lives

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1. You experience deja vu constantly.

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Unsplash / Jon Tyson
Unsplash / Jon Tyson

When you do something over and over again, it becomes like second nature. Old news. But when you’re reborn, you forget most, if not all, your memories.

So when you encounter something for the first time that you always did in a past life, you may experience some intense deja vu.

2. You have a strong intuition.

Just like with age comes wisdom, if you’ve lived many lives, your intuition is better honed, regardless of your age. If you have a strong intuition, you may have reincarnated many times.

3. You don’t feel like you belong.

Imagine growing up in India and living there most of your life, then suddenly being dropped in London, or Beijing, or Sydney, or Miami.

You might have trouble adjusting to it.

Eventually, you’ll be able to do it, but it won’t quite feel like home, no matter how many friends you make or how used to it you get.

The same thing is at work when you’ve been reborn.

4. You want to travel.

All sorts of places may feel like home to you, so when you travel the world, you really feel like you’re taking in something special. Like you’re connecting in a profound way.

5. You sometimes dream of being someone else.

Not like you dislike your life, but when you’re sleeping, you sometimes dream you’re someone else.

It could be nothing, but if the dream keeps happening repeatedly, that might be a strong sign your soul has reincarnated.

6. You aren’t connected to your parents.

If you’ve always felt a disconnect with your parents for no particular reason, it’s another sign you’ve reincarnated.

Your soul has likely had many sets of parents. After a while, it can desensitize you to having a family.

7. You want to connect deeply with everyone.

We don’t know for sure what the afterlife is, but I get the feeling a lot of the trivial stuff about us, like our looks, our race, our class, doesn’t matter anymore. Souls can just connect.

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