5 Gut Instincts You Should Never Ignore

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Every day, our intuition, sometimes called our “gut,” guides us in the decisions we make.

It’s our inner voice, that little voice in the back of your head that says, “Uh, maybe it’s not a good idea to jump off a diving board while riding a unicycle.”

I’m sure you know the one. But sometimes, especially as we get older, we start ignoring our intuition.

These are 5 gut instincts that you shouldn’t ever ignore.

1. This doesn’t feel normal/I don’t feel well.

A woman leaning forward, hair covering her face, hand on her head.
Unsplash / Carolina Heza
Unsplash / Carolina Heza

When it comes to our health, there’s no symptom too small to get checked out. If you feel like there’s something going on in your body that isn’t right, you should listen to that feeling and get it checked out before it gets any worse.

Your body is built to instinctively know when something is going wrong or out of balance, and the warning signs could mean the difference between life and death in some situations.

Don’t hesitate to seek the counsel of a trained medical professional if something in your body is communicating a problem.

Do the same for your mental health too. If you’re feeling depressed or anxious, don’t just smoke some weed about it or try to self medicate. Seek professional help. They might have suggestions for you.