This 3-Year-Old Remembered His Past Life, Located His Body, And Identified His Murderer

This story sounds unbelievable until you dive into the facts behind it.

Many cultures believe in reincarnation, but it's a rare belief system in the West. What would you do if your child, early on in life, began talking about his past life?

In the case of this young man's story, he had a lot to say. He insisted that he remembered a past life in which he was murdered. He even led his parents to the spot where he died and told them to start digging. A few feet down, they found a body.

He also led his parents to the location of an ax that he said was used in his murder. His parents think the ax wound on the corpse's head explains the boy's red birthmark on his forehead.

The boy was even able to reveal the name of his murderer, a man who later confessed to the crime.

What do you think? Is it all a hoax or did his past life help his parents solve his murder?

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