Italian rhythmic gymnast performance is breathtaking to watch​

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Now this girl has some amazing athletic talent!

Alexandra Ana Maria Aguirguiculese is an italian gymnast born on January 15, 2001 in Iasi, Romania. She is a professional rhythmic gymnast representing Italy at the age of 16!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport in which individuals or teams of 5 manipulate one or two pieces of equipment: rope, hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon, and freehand.

It is a sport that combines, ballet, gymnastics, dance, and handling of an apparatus. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Long and gruesome hours at the gym.

A lot of physical abilities are needed to be a rhythmic gymnast. Strength, power, flexibility, dexterity, and endurance are key.

Alexandra is a four-time medalist at the 2016 European Junior Championships.

At the national level, she is a two-time Italian National All-around silver medalist and a three-time Italian Junior National Champion, and bronze medalist with the ball at the 2018 World Championships.

The victor is the gymnast who earns the most points, which is determined by a panel of judges. They are looking for leaps, balances, pirouettes or pivots, apparatus handling, and execution.

The choreography must cover the entire floor and contain a balance of carefully executed jumps, leaps, and pivots with great balance and flexibility.

Each movement takes a lot of strength and skill. Here is a beautiful performance by Alexandra Ana Maria Agiurguiculese. She placed bronze in this wonderful performance!

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