5 Obvious Signs You’ve Found The Right Person And Can Stop Searching

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You have the same long-term goals.

A couple seated next to each other on a couch, one embracing the other.
Pexels / Anna Shvets
Pexels / Anna Shvets

You don’t have to be a power couple necessarily, nor do you have to have all the same interests, but it’s important for couples to be able to grow together.

So one wanting to be an executive and the other wanting to travel the country in a VW bus, well, that doesn’t quite line up. But…

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You want it to work.

And there’s a possibility that no matter how different you are, if you both want it to work, it’s going to work. That willingness to compromise and change and work WITH each other is important.

You accept one another.

No matter who your partner is, you accept them and vice versa. When your partner wants to change, back them up! Help them be who they want to be. But don’t try to force them into any changes.

You feel at peace.

After a long day, you feel at peace when you’re at home with them, or out to dinner with them, or walking through a park with them. No matter what it is, you feel at peace.

You’re in love.

Pretty critical, right? If you find yourself loving them unconditionally, stop looking. You’ve found the right one.

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