Here’s What The Length Of Your Ring Finger Reveals About Your Personality

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It may seem pretty silly, but it turns out the length of your ring finger in comparison with your other fingers has some pretty profound impacts on your personality.

The length of your ring finger is tied to the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb which impacts your personality.

If your ring finger is longer, it means you have a more masculine personality.

And remember, this is just for fun! Don’t freak out in the comments about how this has no validity, just read for enjoyment!

If your hand looks like image 1

You’re likely the charmer of your friends and family. You may seem a little more aggressive, but it’s just because you’re more likely to take risks. A types are better soldiers, engineers, and crossword puzzle masters.

If your hand looks like image 2

You have high self-esteem and border on narcissistic at times. You often don’t take initiative when it comes to romantic things.

If your hand looks like image 3

You’re a real peace lover. You don’t like conflict and want to make sure everyone is happy, getting at least something they want. You’re a faithful lover and are always caring and gentle.

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