Good People End Up With Good People

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Relationships can be viewed as a big bathtub of hot, perfumed water. We dip our toes in and guess if it will feel as good on the rest of our bodies.

We breathe the scent, trying to qualify how we’re reacting. We wonder if the chemicals are really good for us or quiet poison that shorts our lifetimes.

Should we get in now? What if we get burned? If we wait then it will cool too much…

We eventually realize that this speculation is unproductive and cutting into the time we could be using to experience life. We don’t want to rush things, we don’t want to get hurt, and we don’t want to waste our time on unproductive relationships.

We cut the chatter and either go for it and see how it feels or take a shower…

Below we’ve collected traits that any hip, smart, productive, spiritualist will want in their eventual fiancé. Always keep your eyes peeled, what we desire most is often right in front of us.

They Are Honest And Genuine

They are realer than life and oh so casual about it. They don’t make time for or waste their energy on superficial, or dishonest pursuits. They have either found themselves or are well on their way to doing so.

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Their Ambitions Leave Room For You

Life is often a series of balancing acts. It is a requirement for the betrothed to have their own unique passions and goals.

If your love’s life passions take away from your relationship, then that is actually worse than having an ambitionless vegetable for a lover.

At least you can cuddle a vegetable. Your presence may have shocked them and they are scrambling to make room for you in was once a metaphorical one seater life.

Early on, measures have to be taken to show you that you are a priority. It will be helpful if you can be flexible but don’t forsake your dream of having the perfect partner and a perfect job.

Your goals have to be taken into consideration. If this was easy, there would be more married folks on Forbes’ list.

They Are Consistent In Everything They Do

A superhero one day, then a depressed couch potato the next, is unacceptable. Inevitably there will be down times, but it should never be up for debate whether they are going to do what they promised.

It’s better to be with a person who is good all the time, with a few mistakes, than Romeo wannabe, that is Juliet most of the time.

They Challenge You, But Are Always Respectful

They aren’t afraid to win or lose around you, so they give competitions their all.

They will correct you if you are wrong, and challenge you to fun little tests. Never, in defeat or victory, will they intentionally disrespect you.

When they correct you, it isn’t to make them look better or you look foolish. It’s because they want you to succeed in all things and be happy.

They Work To Better Themselves

They are happy with who they are but know that taking care of ourselves is everyone’s secret job. They work out, try to stay socially active and don’t sit around watching Netflix all day.

While bettering or maintaining themselves, it doesn’t take over their life and become zealotry. They do what they do out of love for themselves and for you.

Any productive routine they have incorporated into their life should never become a platform for them feel and act superior.

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They Share A Similar Belief Structure As You

Having the same or similar beliefs on morality, sex, death, and church are a must. These are parts of our core character. If they have a radically different or opposing outlook, then there will be issues.

You both don’t have to agree on every little detail, in fact the differences should be mutually acknowledged and respected.

There should never be a converting stage of your relationship unless, the other person genuinely feels that the change would truly be better for them.

They Inspire You

My boyfriend inspires me everyday to have more fun, smile more, work harder, and be healthier. I can’t say that he is a muse for me artistically, but he inspires me to be a good person.

That definitely shines through my work.

You significant other should brighten the dark corners of your life, and enrich your life. The mention of them is enough to make you smile and dig deep.

They Are Empathetic

They aren’t robots, is mainly what you are looking for.

They are aware of their emotions and can willing feel what others do as well. The difference is known and the connections constantly being strengthened.

If your future fiancé has to be able to readily empathize, or a large chunk of your relationship, will be the two of you trying to get on the same page.

They Are Family Oriented

Deciding to have a family is a huge decision. One that should never be taken lightly. Your future partner doesn’t have to have an answer immediately, to be honest that answer is likely to change depending on age.

Try to find out whether that’s an experience they’ve considered and how they felt about it.

Some ten years into the marriage the unreciprocated desire for a family could spell disaster for your development and life experiences.

They Are Actively Aware And Quickly Dismiss Petty Emotions

They have the natural perspective and emotional maturity to know when they are unjustified or childish. Sometimes, they may need a push in the right direction but in the end, and that’s fine.

The bottom line is that they love you and don’t want something trivial to come between the two of you.

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