Satellite Images Show How Much Humans Have Interfered With The Earth

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Let’s get real for a second, the earth is dying all around us. There’s no denying it. The earth is a gift from the universe. We’re meant to take care of it so that it can take care of us. It’s no coincidence that a walk in nature or a trip to the beach has the power to instantly reenergize us and expand our midset. That is how we align our frequency with the universe.

But what happens when there is no longer a beach to escape to? The first step to figuring out our part in this, is awareness. These images will put in perspective how much we’ve interfered with the natural order of the world today compared to just 20 years ago. This should be an indication of what the earth might look like even just 20 years from now…

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Dubai In Year 2000

NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

One of the most jarring examples of human-driven changes is Dubai. Dubai has existed for less than two centuries as a civilization and yet it surpassed most of the world with its urbanization and technological advances.

To put it in perspective, In 2000, when this Nasa satellite photo was captured, the coastline was not even yet touched by the UAE’s oil boom.

Dubai 11 Years Later

NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

​Fast forward to 2011 and Dubai is the center of every Instagram influencer’s dream photo. Humans took all of its empty space and turned it into skyscrapers, humungous shopping malls, luxurious hotels, and even built their own artificial islands.

While this turned out to be great for their economy, it’s the environment that started to pay the price. The Dubai air quality index indicates that it’s suffering from some fair amounts of pollution issues, with an unsafe quality of air to breathe for most of the year.

The Amazon Rainforest in 2000

NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

The Amazon Rainforest was truly a gift from the universe. They hold such a wide diversity of nature with estimates of at least 40,000 plant species, 3,000 types of fish, 1,300 bird species, 430 mammals, and an incredible 2.5 million different kinds of insects.

Not only that, the rainforest is said to pump out 20% of the world’s oxygen each day, which is more than any other ecosystem. It’s literally trying to keep us alive.

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The Rainforest’s Deforestation By 2012

NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Earth Observatory

Sadly just 12 years after that first photo was taken, it’s easy to see that there is a lot less green. Some of it is due to fires and degradation from soy production, mining, and logging.

The reality is that the rainforest’s biggest problem is deforestation. For the sake of human expansion, people have taken drastic measures in cutting down trees from the forest to make more space for civilization.

Columbia Glacier in Alaska in 1984 VS 2020

Google Earth / Youtube

Google Earth / Youtube

​Alaska’s Columbia Glacier was first explored by British explorers in 1794. At that point, its nose extended all the way to the northern edge of Heather Island, near the mouth of Columbia Bay.

The glacier stayed in that position until 1980. From there it quickly went downhill and kept thinning down so much that it affected the flow of its up and downstream. Instead, the glacier started to rise above sea level and the ice started to lose contact with the ocean

Arctic Sea-Ice Coverage Is Hitting Record Lows Over Time

Usually, the area of the Arctic Ocean covered in ice increases during the winter and then shrinks during the summer, usually reaching the year’s low point in September. But in 2012, the minimum coverage was about half that of the one in 1984. From then we just keep losing more and more sea-ice contact, even accelerating the process as time went.

NASA scientist Joey Comiso now estimates that the Arctic’s summer sea ice will completely disappear within this century. What happens after that?

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