“You Saved My Life’: How A Person’s Life Was Saved With A Bumper Sticker

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They say that it’s impossible to truly know what is going through someone’s mind at any given moment. We are usually fighting our own battles in hiding. We may crack up a smile when we’re truly broken inside. In fact, some of the seemingly happiest people are sometimes the ones hurting the most.

If that’s not enough to want to show kindness to everyone at all times, consider that your next interaction with someone could be the line between life and death for them. Sometimes all it takes is just one word, one gesture, and one person to save a life. Brooke Lacey was only 22 years old, but her will to help others was enough to do just that.

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A Time Of Uncertainty

brooke lacey selfie with her smiling
Brooke Lacey / Twitter
Brooke Lacey / Twitter

Brooke Lacey like an increasing number of people today has struggled with mental health issues throughout her life. From anxiety to depression, it seems like as a collective, the universe has been testing us and there have been days when it was hard to simply get out of bed.

Brooke understood that the way she felt was shared by many especially living in a post-pandemic world today where war is common, prices are inflated and there is no such thing as a comfortable “norm” anymore.” Yet she didn’t want to just cave into the helplessness. She wondered what she could do to restore her power, ad share that hope with everyone around her.