“You Saved My Life’: How A Person’s Life Was Saved With A Bumper Sticker

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They say that it’s impossible to truly know what is going through someone’s mind at any given moment. We are usually fighting our own battles in hiding. We may crack up a smile when we’re truly broken inside. In fact, some of the seemingly happiest people are sometimes the ones hurting the most.

If that’s not enough to want to show kindness to everyone at all times, consider that your next interaction with someone could be the line between life and death for them. Sometimes all it takes is just one word, one gesture, and one person to save a life. Brooke Lacey was only 22 years old, but her will to help others was enough to do just that.

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A Time Of Uncertainty

brooke lacey selfie with her smiling
Brooke Lacey / Twitter
Brooke Lacey / Twitter

Brooke Lacey like an increasing number of people today has struggled with mental health issues throughout her life. From anxiety to depression, it seems like as a collective, the universe has been testing us and there have been days when it was hard to simply get out of bed.

Brooke understood that the way she felt was shared by many especially living in a post-pandemic world today where war is common, prices are inflated and there is no such thing as a comfortable “norm” anymore.” Yet she didn’t want to just cave into the helplessness. She wondered what she could do to restore her power, ad share that hope with everyone around her.

A Selfless Act Of Kindness

motivational printed message that say "don't take your life"
Brooke Lacey / Twitter
Brooke Lacey / Twitter

Brooke decided that she didn’t want to only get herself out of a rut but that everyone around her deserved the same. Sometimes all it takes is for an outside perspective to remind you of the bigger picture and that even the hardest of times eventually pass. So, Brooke decided to use the power of words to speak her encouragement and restore meaning to the lives of people who were feeling hopeless.

Brooke printed 600 stickers with an uplifting message and posted them around places where people may take their lives, including trains, bridges, and large bodies of water in Wellington, New Zealand. She also made a bumper sticker with the same message for her car and left it there. She had no idea how much of a difference that sticker would make.

Words That Could Save A Life

Motivational bumper sticker on nissan car
Brooke Lacey / Facebook
Brooke Lacey / Facebook

Brooke carefully chose the words on the sticker to especially relate to anyone who may be contemplating taking their own life.  For example one of the stickers said: “Please don’t take your life today…The world is so much better with you in it. More than you realize, stay.”

She knew that for these people, a reminder of their worth, and their place in this world could make the difference when they’re holding on by a thread. They just need to feel like their life does matter to find a good enough reason to keep fighting.

Prepared For The Worst

cars lined up in parking lot
Ruffa Jane Reyes / Unsplash
Ruffa Jane Reyes / Unsplash

One day after classes, Brooke headed to her car parked in her university’s parking lot. However, as she got closer she noticed a note was held up by her windshield wiper. Brooke’s first instinct was that she must have gotten a parking ticket and prepared herself for the worst. But as she got closer, she instead found a napkin with a handwritten message.

Quickly her own feelings of anxiety and frustration over an anticipated fine were overturned by the heartwarming scribbles on the note. It turns out that as she had gone about her day like she always would, she actually had saved someone’s life.

It Was A Sign

hand holding a napkin with message on it
Brooke Lacey / Twitter
Brooke Lacey / Twitter

Another passerby had walked past her car and noticed the bumper on the ticket. For whatever divine reason, they felt called to stop walking and take the time to read it. This was the sign they had been waiting for: The note read, “I left my house with a plan and asked for a sign, any sign, I was doing the right thing when I saw your car in the parking lot. Thank you.”

It took a minute for Brooke to remember that she had once placed a motivational homemade bumper sticker on the back of her car, hoping for the best but not expecting much. Sharing the experience she notes: “I had these made so long ago, put one on my car and forgot about them, until now… I am so glad whoever you are chose to stay today. You never know who needs this reminder.”

A Life Was Saved

hand opening up with leaf in it
Name_ Gravity / Unsplash
Name_ Gravity / Unsplash

Brooke may have just been hoping to brighten someone’s day and hopefully make a difference but her simple act of positivity and thoughtfulness became a source of hope for a stranger about to take their own life. The sticker didn’t shame the experiences of those struggling so much they barely have a will to live anymore. Instead, it showed them respect and empathy and validated their feelings.

It’s important to be loving towards anyone who may be struggling as even in their darkest times, they’re subconsciously looking for a way out of their pain. A simple encouraging act could be all it takes to restore hope in their world and guide them towards a better way out. Words have a profound impact and a simple loving message or small good deed can be enough to change the world, or at least one person’s world at a time.

All It Takes Is One Gesture

two hands reaching for each other across a building
Toa Heftiba / Unsplash
Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Brook’s bumper sticker inspired a stranger to choose life when they felt like they had no reason to. Let that be a testament to the power each one of us has on one another with our kindness, generosity, and love. A thoughtful gesture can have a powerful impact on another person’s life.

You never know who is standing right beside you just looking for a sign to keep going. Your smile or your words can be that sign. You are a powerful being, use that power for good and we can make the world a better place.

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