9 Traits Of A Mature Relationship

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1. The relationship just doesn’t seem all that difficult.

A couple in the cold, holding hands as they walk along the street.
Pexels / Josh Willink
Pexels / Josh Willink

It’s pretty nice, isn’t it? They say relationships require work and it’s absolutely true, but the adult relationship for you doesn’t seem like much work, does it?

Decisions are easy to make, tempers don’t seem to flare. It all seems to go perfectly, and for good reason.

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2. You’re comfortable out of contact.

When you’re apart, you think of each other, but your mind doesn’t wander about it. You don’t feel a serious need to check in, to text, to call.

You’re comfortable being out of contact for a while.

3. You don’t see any reason to change your partner.

There’s a lyric that comes to mind: “I’ll never try to change you, as if I could and if I were to what’s the part that I’d miss most?”

It’s truly an expression of deep, mature love. There’s no reason to change your partner in a mature relationship, and even if you could, what’s the part that you’d miss most?

4. You and your partner can call each other on your sh*t.

Not to say that you are aggressive at each other, but you call each other on your bullshit when it arises. It’s not anything personal.

You want each other to grow and develop and be the best you that you can possible be. Calling you out doesn’t end in a fight, and calling them out doesn’t result in hurt feelings.

Just better living.

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5. The future is an invigorating prospect for you.

The future isn’t a daunting one for you and your partner. You see the potential for so many different outcomes, and no matter what they are, you and your partner are right there slogging through it all.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

6. You have your disagreements but you don’t get into brawls over it.

Same as with #5, if you disagree on something, it doesn’t end up in some big fight. You’re able to talk to each other about anything without it ending in harsh words.

7. Showing love through action is more important than saying “I love you.”

I’ve long believed that love, what love really is, isn’t a word. It’s an act. It’s an action. Showing love through action is far far more important than saying the words.

In a mature relationship, that action should be clear.

8. There is no jealousy.

There’s really no need for it, nor is there any room for it. Jealousy works you up and accomplishes nothing but sore feelings and high anxiety.

9. You go well together overall.

Like two pieces of a puzzle!

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