6 Ways Socially Anxious People Are Highly Intelligent, According To Scientists

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1. They’re highly self-aware.

Intelligent people are constantly aware of how they’re being perceived by the world around them. They’re always thinking about how other people are seeing them, if they’re blending into a crowd, or if they’re standing out. This is also a common feature of socially anxious behavior.

2. They have high sentinel intelligence.

Sudden loud noises can send socially anxious people into an immediate panic. If they hear a loud noise, while others are simply still processing the noise, they’re already thinking about what the noise was. It may seem excessively nervous but it’s actually a great survival technique.

3. They think too hard about words.

They’re always thinking about what people mean by the words they say. Innocuous statements can have big meanings once they’ve been picked apart. It’s especially hard to know sometimes if someone was being sarcastic, or if they really are “killing it” today.

4. They’re empaths.

Intelligent people are sensitive to the way other people experience life. This can create anxiety by making the problems of their friends and family into their own problems. This can create a near obsession over solving problems that aren’t actually theirs. It can be hard to detach.

5. They see ulterior motives.

You’re not going to slip anything past a socially anxious, intelligent person. They read into everything, even acts of generosity. This can lead to mistrust when left unchecked, or it can lead to a keen awareness of how to protect yourself. It’s important not to expect the worst case scenario for everyone, but watch out.

6. They can’t relax.

Intelligent people tend to overthink every little situation and word. This can lead to a number of problems, like insomnia and stress, that have long lasting negative effects on our health. If you find yourself in a position like this, meditation and yoga can help.

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