Scientists Have Undeniable Evidence For Mind Telepathy Between Humans

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You know the feeling when you know someone so well, and connect with them on such a deep level that sometimes you can speak without words? A simple glance is enough to communicate because it feels like you’re on the same wavelength and need nothing more. It turns out, that scientifically it is actually possible to communicate with nothing but the mind. You might be able to have a whole text conversation with someone without ever touching your phone, by just tapping into their conscious mind.

Don’t believe us? Here is what a study found!

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Imagine Texting Someone “Hello” With Your Mind

animation of two minds speaking telepathically

Science Photo Library / Canva Pro

Science Photo Library / Canva Pro

In a world where we basically live on our phones day at night, the ability to communicate at any time from anywhere may not seem that exciting. Yet, to use the mind to speak directly to someone is extremely powerful. Not only is it more intimate, but up to this point, we didn’t even think it was possible! First, let’s explain what defines a telepathic connection. Telepathy is the ability to access thoughts and feelings without help from sensory input like sight, sound, or touch.

This extrasensory perception is sometimes reported in twins, especially identical as they share a closer genetic connection. However, scientists have always needed more studies to confirm that their connection is actually telepathic and it seems like they may now be closer than ever.