Scientists Have Undeniable Evidence For Mind Telepathy Between Humans

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You know the feeling when you know someone so well, and connect with them on such a deep level that sometimes you can speak without words? A simple glance is enough to communicate because it feels like you’re on the same wavelength and need nothing more. It turns out, that scientifically it is actually possible to communicate with nothing but the mind. You might be able to have a whole text conversation with someone without ever touching your phone, by just tapping into their conscious mind.

Don’t believe us? Here is what a study found!

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Imagine Texting Someone “Hello” With Your Mind

animation of two minds speaking telepathically

Science Photo Library / Canva Pro

Science Photo Library / Canva Pro

In a world where we basically live on our phones day at night, the ability to communicate at any time from anywhere may not seem that exciting. Yet, to use the mind to speak directly to someone is extremely powerful. Not only is it more intimate, but up to this point, we didn’t even think it was possible! First, let’s explain what defines a telepathic connection. Telepathy is the ability to access thoughts and feelings without help from sensory input like sight, sound, or touch.

This extrasensory perception is sometimes reported in twins, especially identical as they share a closer genetic connection. However, scientists have always needed more studies to confirm that their connection is actually telepathic and it seems like they may now be closer than ever.

A New Way Of Communication

woman looking down at cellphone while sitting in a chair by her window at night

mikoto.raw Photographer / Pexels

mikoto.raw Photographer / Pexels

In a recent experiment that sounds like something out of a movie, a person in India said “hola” and “ciao” with just their mind to a person in France. That means two humans were able to send greetings to each other using only a digital connection linking their brains. Sure that sounds like a complicated process when they could’ve just sent an email or something, but the success of the experiment made it the first instance of brain-to-brain communication on record.

The experiment was performed with noninvasive means through a machine that converted the words into brain stimulation in another person. The words appeared to them through signals of flashes of light that they were able to interpret through a type of Morse Code. It sounds complicated but this is just the beginning!

Communication Would Become Possible For Those With Sensory Impairments

man frowning in focus and pointing to his temples with both hands

Gulobovy / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Gulobovy / Getty Images Via Canva Pro

Pascual-Leone’s experiment was successful. He was able to show that two minds can communicate without ever speaking, typing, or even looking at each other! He has proven that the concept is possible. Now, all we have to do is simplify the technique and figure out how to get everyone to do it: “It’s still very, very early,” he says, “[but] we can show that this is even possible with technology that’s available. It’s the difference between talking on the phone and sending Morse code. To get where we’re going, you need certain steps to be taken first.”

This research gives a lot of hope to those who can’t communicate by the same means and provides a new communication pathway for patients who might not be able to speak: “We want to improve the ways people can communicate in the face of limitations—those who might not be able to speak or have sensory impairments,” explain the researchers “Can we work around those limitations and communicate with another person or a computer?”

The Experiment Is Still Part Of A Complicated Procedure

man hooked up to wires on his temples and looking up to the camera

Ftwitty / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Ftwitty / Getty Images Signature Via Canva Pro

Right now this way of communication takes a lot of work and technology. Although we have found it to be possible, the process needs a lot of steps. First, there is a binary code for the letters made of 0s and 1s. Then there are the sensors that attach to the scalp. The participants use their hands and feet to indicate 0 or 1.

To pass on the communication, the code is sent by email to the person on the other end who receives blindfolded while connected to a system on his head to stimulate his neurons. It helps them see quick flashes of light that they can use to interpret the code. It took about 70 minutes to relay the message. So for now, we still need to rely on a simple phone call.

Imagine A World Without Technology

hands coming together as a team

Hannah Busing / Unsplash

Hannah Busing / Unsplash

These kinds of studies are paving the way for telepathy, and although it is still early, it goes to show just how powerful the human mind can be and how little of its potential we have so far unleashed. It may take years or even decades to figure out how to use telepathy instantly but who would have thought we’d get to where we are now with instant messaging 100 years ago?

Think of what else we could do with our minds if we can learn to tap into its potential. Maybe we can learn to move objects with our minds, or develop x-ray vision… Who knows!

A World Of Possibilities

satellite image of the earth lit up by technology

NASA / Unsplash

NASA / Unsplash

Researchers believe this type of brain-to-brain communication would change the world in many avenues. For example, soldiers would be able to warn one another on the battlefield, or business partners could get on the same page during delays. It could be used for good or for evil, and be extremely powerful.

For that reason, Pascual-Leone cautions that scientists need also keep in mind the ethics of telepathy. “Could there be potential for sending someone a thought that’s not desirable to them?” he says. “Those kinds of things are theoretically in the realm of possibility.” We would need to find a way to control who can access our minds and how to block others as to avoid receiving unwanted messages and being overly stimulated.

Expand Your Mind

blonde woman sitting in a field with her eyes closed

KatarzynaBialasiewcz / Getty Images Pro Via Canva

KatarzynaBialasiewcz / Getty Images Pro Via Canva

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