Scorpio Is The Most Mature Zodiac Sign, But Which One Is The Least Mature?

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At some point in your life, you’ve likely met someone who was around your age but still behaved immaturely compared to yourself or others you know. It was like they hit a certain age and simply ceased any mental development, perpetually stuck in their high school or college years as everyone around them progressed.

Now, you can find out if that was a conscious choice, or if their zodiac sign had any role in dictating their future maturity level, as the traits associated with each sign can very much play a role in our growth.

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Levels Of Maturity

Something that everyone gains with age is maturity. A sense of wisdom that comes with experiencing life, a catalogue of lessons learned and mistakes made that better guide us as we continue growing older. Some people gain more maturity than others as the years pass, and how mature someone is can have ties to their zodiac sign.

A woman sitting in front of a table covered in rustic vases.
Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch
Pexels / Polina Tankilevitch

Here is every zodiac sign and how they tend to fare when it comes to their maturity levels, with one grabbing the adulthood crown for most mature, and another stuck in their childhood years as the least mature.


Aries is known to be a confident, self-starting sign with a lot of drive that they sometimes allocate to the wrong places. They also have a tendency to be impulsive, even childlike in their desires, with little patience when it comes to things they really want.

A little girl in a flamingo onesie making an angry face.
Unsplash / Jeremiah Lawrence
Unsplash / Jeremiah Lawrence

They’re not the calm, cool, and collected type either, some even being prone to emotional flareups when angry. All these traits combined (though it does make for an exciting and fun friend to have) means they score rather low on the maturity scale.


Taurus has a reputation for being materialistic, even if they don’t notice it. They greatly value the things they have, and are quick to place sentimental value on even the smallest of objects, but aren’t unreasonable about it either. They know when certain things have to go.

A woman holding a collection of shopping bags in one hand.
Unsplash / Jacek Dylag
Unsplash / Jacek Dylag

They also have a rather refined taste when it comes to the things they enjoy, having high expectations and high-quality benchmarks if they’re to be impressed. Their developed, luxurious preferences and headstrong attitude means they lean onto the mature side of the spectrum, though they tend to hover around its center.


People tend to read Geminis as literally having a second side to them, a separate persona they use in certain situations to better get their way. That’s not the case at all, though, as all that’s happening with Geminis is they have some contrasting elements within their personality.

A woman with her hands on both sides of her face, looking off to the side, sticking her tongue out slightly while smiling.
Unsplash / Shahzin Shajid
Unsplash / Shahzin Shajid

However, they do use those elements to get their way. They tend to have great self-awareness and are ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, both of which lend themselves to Geminis being wonderful at trickery and manipulation. Their inner conflict often prevents them from achieving a state of true peace without some serious work, so they lash out in more childish (yet often harmless) ways to blow off steam, meaning they rank among the less mature signs.


Cancers are often described as highly emotional crybabies who can’t take a step outside without finding something to over-empathize with and break down over—but this oversimplification really does them a disservice. Yes, Cancers are often very emotionally driven, but being so in tune with one’s entire emotional spectrum is a wonderful quality to have.

Two people holding hands, comforting one another.
Unsplash / National Cancer Institute
Unsplash / National Cancer Institute

With experience, they become much better at regulating themselves and use these talents to help others. Though they tend to avoid conflict in passive-aggressive manners, that’s as far as it tends to go regarding less mature aspects of their personalities. Overall, and despite what the Cancer stereotypes may tell you, they’re very mature and handle their feelings with grace.


Leos are another sign that has a reputation for being driven, so sure of their own position they cannot be shaken loose from it. They have no issues when it comes to expressing their true selves, unwavering in the face of those who consider them egotistical, and are considerably generous with their time.

A woman clutching her hair, head bent forward, appearing frustrated.
Unsplash / Blake Cheek
Unsplash / Blake Cheek

That all being said, these traits can prevent them from being able to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, so to speak. They have a hard time truly understanding others’ perspectives, and some become so frustrated that they shut down for a while. These two things together mean that Leo often struggles with maturity, but they do try.


Virgo’s analytical nature and stable values mean they score rather highly on the maturity scale. They’re careful, detail-oriented, a lover of commitment, and they seek order in all areas of life, turning their nose up at anything they consider to be too unpredictable.

Someone writing in an organized weekly planner.
Envato Elements / Rawpixel
Envato Elements / Rawpixel

Another sign ruled by Mercury, Virgos take their communication skills very seriously, using them to get to the root of any given problem or learn how best to take care of their loved ones. Their principles are grounded and realistic, ranking them among the most mature signs.


Like Virgos, Libras are very calm and collected—though that’s a trait they have to actively work to achieve. They strive to strike balance in all areas of their life, and have endlessly inquisitive natures that leaves them always open to new experiences.

A woman walking along the trunk of a fallen tree in a forest.
Unsplash / Inspa Makers
Unsplash / Inspa Makers

They also enjoy being mediators. They will gladly sit down for a discussion between two friends locked in an argument and be the unbiased third-party that gets to help them come to an agreement. Libra is a very mature sign.


Scorpio’s ranking might genuinely surprise you, as Scorpios are generally believed to be cruel and unforgiving. They’re fun but with a mean streak, meaning thick skin is a requirement to be friends with them. These overblown negative traits tend to mask the more positive ones, resulting in Scorpios being largely misunderstood or thought of as a bully.

A woman reading a book propped against her knee.
Pexels / Rahul Shah
Pexels / Rahul Shah

This is very far from the truth, though. Scorpios have plenty of emotional depth and a penchant for philosophical questioning. They function a few steps ahead than the rest of us, and they’re extremely wise, able to provide advice for just about every situation. It’s for these reasons that they’re considered the most mature sign out of the list.


Sagittarius is an adventure-loving sign who also manages to remain grounded no matter where in the world they’re traveling. They’re highly adaptable and can forge through many a roadblock if it means getting what they want. If something is out of their hands, they then prefer to focus on making smart decisions surrounding the situation so they can be best prepared for the outcome.

A woman in a kayak, kayaking down a river.
Unsplash / Filip Mroz
Unsplash / Filip Mroz

This approach to life makes them incredibly mature. If there’s a flaw to be had, it might be that they’re sometimes too honest with others in situations that don’t call for it, but it’s not out of malice, so we’ll let it side.


Capricorns are unbelievably goal-oriented. They have a litany of dreams catalogued in their mind that they can flick through, pick one, then sit and practice it for days on end until they grow tired of it and want to move onto the next thing. They stand by their beliefs and live in the pursuit of gaining new skills.

A typewriter with a paper in it that has the word 'Goals' printed on it.
Unsplash / Markus Winkler
Unsplash / Markus Winkler

Their strong sense of commitment and endless ambition does place them among the more mature sign, though they could do with some work on their patience.


Pragmatic, intelligent, and with a honed sense of self-expression, Aquarius tend to develop a good head on their shoulders as they age. They’re progressive thinkers with a knack for figuring out how certain situations will play out based solely on the current circumstances.

A woman in sunglasses, standing outside, talking on her cell phone.
Unsplash / Clay Elliot
Unsplash / Clay Elliot

They’re most well known for being a unique, quirky crowd that’s wholly unafraid to be those things, and that confidence on its own means they’re on the high end of the mature side of the spectrum, let alone their added wisdom.


Another sign with a reputation for being highly emotional, but who are also much more than that. Being at the bottom of the Zodiac, many astrologers believe that the wisdom of all the other signs trickles down to Pisces, making them very intuitive and understanding, a very sympathetic sign.

A man laying in some grass, hands behind his head as he stares at the sky.
Unsplash / Jonathan Mabey
Unsplash / Jonathan Mabey

It’s still true, though, that their dreamy side can send them a little off-track. Pisces love to get lost in fantasy, even at the expense of real-world moments, and it’s this fact alone that draws them just a touch toward the immature side from time to time.

The Official Standings

Looking at the pattern here, it’s interesting to see that most of the less mature signs appear at the front end of the Zodiac, while the bottom end is mostly filled with very mature signs. There are likely already theories about why that is, but when it comes to a certifiable most and least mature, I’d say that Scorpio takes the crown for most mature, while Aries rounds out the bottom of the rankings.

Pretty happy young woman is enjoying and having fun showing tongue, in a summer sunny day, beside the bike with flower basket.
Envato Elements / micens
Envato Elements / micens

Before we go, take a friendly reminder to not let rankings like this get to your head too much. No one has the authority to say that every Aries on earth is childish, or that every Scorpio is wise beyond their years. The human experience is too beautifully varied and different for anything to be true of every single person.

All these discussions are meant to do is to gain a little insight into yourself and your loved ones, think about how they measure up, and laugh about it after. Relish in a bit of fun competition between friends!

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