6 Reasons A Scorpio Will Be The Toughest Lover You Ever Have

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Scorpio’s are by design one of the hardest human beings that you could ever possibly try to understand, let alone date them.

They can prove to be some of the worst/amazing people and it drives you insane because of the love/hate relationship that you have with them.

The sad part is that they don’t intentionally mean to do awful things, it is just the way they are built to be.

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Here are six reasons why it is really hard to date a Scorpio and what you should expect out of them the more you try to get closer to their complexities.

1. Captivating Mystery

There is something so mysterious to a Scorpio that draws everyone in.

They are some of the more exciting human beings because of this, and they love to test people with only a piece of an answer to a question they might have.

Secrets make the world go round to a Scorpio, and they sometimes lose people because of this quality in themselves.

It may seem hard getting the truth out of a Scorpio, but if you stick around a little longer, you might just get the full answer.