3 Signs You Lived An Experienced Past Life

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1. You enjoy alone time.

Someone laying in front of a body of water, leaning against their bag and reading.
Pexels / Maria Victoria Portelles
Pexels / Maria Victoria Portelles

What does isolating yourself have to do with past lives?

Well, when your soul is having its first go-round on this planet, it wants to get out there and learn how to live.

It’s the same reason kids are so friendly and wanted to go outside and play with other kids. They’re learning to be people! Your soul has to as well.

After you’ve lived a few lives and your soul has a better idea of how to live, it’s less important to you to try to play the social game of life.

2. You’re pretty good at reading people.

My parents say that I was born an old man. I melded well with adults and I was always able to read people pretty well.

It’s a sign that I may have lived more than one life already. Like I talked about before, the first time around, your soul is learning how to be a person.

Just like as you grow up, you learn important lessons about people, your soul does as well. So a soul that’s been around the block is going to be better at reading people.

3. You don’t go with the crowd.

Everywhere you go, you seem to stick out, be it at school, work, or even with your family.

You feel a little bit out of place everywhere. It’s like you’re still getting used to being a human. This could likely be because you’ve been different people before.

You may have been Alexander the Great and then followed it with a life of a textile mill worker who married, bore two children, lived a calm life and died peacefully in your sleep at the age of 82.

You may feel like a lion in a sheep’s body, or a sheep in a lion’s body. It’s just that you’ve been different things at different times.

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What do you think? Have you lived more than one life? Do you remember anything from your past lives? Let us hear about it in the comments below.

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