10 Signs You Are Secretly Living With High Functioning Anxiety And No One Else Knows

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For those living with high-functioning anxiety, every day is a struggle. Most people have no clue the type of battle you face every single day.

Anxiety can affect people in many different ways and at different times. For example, many people can experience anxiety so crippling that they can barely leave their homes.

Others have found a few ways to cope with their feelings. Some have developed tactics that enable them to contribute to the world around them, even though their minds are filled with self-doubt and stress.

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Below are some common habits of a person dealing with high-functioning anxiety!

The Irish Exit

You’re usually not the first person to leave a gathering. You enjoy being around friends and having fun because it sometimes distracts and relaxes.

Then, out of nowhere, the event can become stressful. You might decide to leave without reason or warning. Your friends have probably come to accept this is normal.

Too Busy