Only 25% of People Can See All The Colors In This Picture

Perception is something that is different for everyone. How I see the world is not how you see the world. Have you ever wondered if your perception is off?

If you have, good for you. It's a sign that you have at least some degree of awareness that extends beyond your own limitations.

At the same time, that notion is somewhat frightening, isn't it? The idea that the reality you are perceiving isn't the way it truly is.

The red that I see could be a completely different color for you, just as we know it's a completely different color for dogs.

Now, knowing that the colors we see are entirely dependent on the genetic makeup of our eyes, what really constitutes reality?

As a collective, humans have certain agreed upon, universal things that we've laid out for everyone to measure themselves against. Colors just so happen to be a large part of this.

Don't believe me? Do you remember when the Internet was all in a fuss over what color a certain dress was?

There were two sides to the argument: you either thought it was blue and black, or white and gold.

People on both sides were so adamant in their perceptions of reality that they chose to spend their time arguing with others over who was right about the color of a dress.

After all, if the dress turned out to be the opposite color than what you'd thought, something about your perception of reality had to be off.

This color test here is one that challenges you to test your color perception again. Only one out of every four people can see every single color in the picture, are you that one?

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