5 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Seeing Someone Else

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No one wants to believe that their partner would go as far as sleeping or seeing someone else behind their backs, in fact, we would like to believe that they would feel honest enough to confront us when something isn’t working out.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that we can never be entirely sure until they tell us themselves, but there are some indications that could mean that they are not being as truthful as we would’ve hoped.

If you are suspicious of your partner seeing someone else behind your back, you should be looking for these five major warning signs.

1. Suddenly Showering You With Random Gifts

A guilty conscious is a powerful one and can also be a dead giveaway when someone is trying to make sure that you’re still happy with them while they are seeing someone else behind your back.

If you’ve begun to notice that your partner has been giving you a variety of random gifts lately, it could be because they are hiding something else from you and the only way they know how to cope with the guilt is by buying you a bunch of things.

This is a huge warning sign that your partner may be seeing someone else.

2. Takes A Shower Before Or After Getting Home

If you’ve begun to notice that your partner takes a shower before they head out of the house or after they get home from somewhere, then this could be a huge warning sign that they are seeing someone else.

They don’t want you to smell the other person on them so they try to wash away whatever scent they can get off. The next time they get home, try to hug them before taking a shower, kiss them on the cheek, or anyway that is going to test their reaction to your embrace.

3. Obsessing Over Their Looks

If you’ve noticed how your partner takes extra time to make sure they look pristine in every single way before they go somewhere could be a warning sign that they are only doing this for the person they are about to meet.

Maybe they really are paying attention to their looks for their health, asking them why they care so much about their looks before they run out the door could result in some interesting ways. Watch their reaction to the question and see what they respond with.

4. Less Affectionate

One of the biggest warning signs that your partner is seeing someone else behind your back is the lack of affection they are giving your relationship.

If you’ve suddenly noticed how they refuse to give you any kind of love ranging from hugging, kissing, to literally everything else that makes you happy, then this means they are no longer happy with their relationship with you.

This also could mean that they aren’t exactly seeing someone else, regardless you must confront them about this sudden break in their love for you. Your happiness matters most and if they cannot give you the simplest of things such as a hug or kiss then you must be prepared for the worst.

5. Suddenly Having To Work Late

Another huge warning sign, depending on the job title, is that your partner has begun working late suddenly and they are always coming home in hours of the morning.

If your partner doesn’t even come home after they say they are working late means that they are either buried in paper work or that they are spending the night over at someone else’s house.

Whatever the case may be, you need to figure out why they are working so late every single night and they need to come forward if they are truly needing the overtime they claim they are having to do.

All of these are major indications that your partner is no longer interested in a relationship with you and are too cowardly to admit that they want to see other people. Whatever the case, you deserve happiness and not someone who is taking advantage of you.

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