6 Signs You're a Self-Destructive Person

It will become very obvious when someone is being self-destructive. They will almost be an entirely different person than from the one you knew before.

You may either be confused, hurt, unsure, or a variety of other emotions which is completely normal. However, if you do know someone that has become extremely self-destructive, then you may want to contact the appropriate party in order for them to get the help they need.

Here are some of the symptoms/signs of a self-destructive person:

1. No Motivation/Gives Up

Self-destructive people begin to develop little to no motivation to do anything whatsoever. They will find ways to get around the things they are suppose to be doing or they will just give up on everything all at once without reason. In their head, sacrificing all of their happiness is only one way they can help the planet by just not existing. It is important that you try to make them active and reignite their fire for living!

2. Never Accepts Help

Self-destructive people will never allow anyone to help them with anything. Even if it's a simple fix, they will not take your offered help. They often times shrug people off as if they didn't even say anything to begin with and will continue doing what they're doing in hopes that you will leave them alone. It is important to remind them that you are only trying to help them because you care and love them.

3. Ignore Others Emotions

Self-destructive people are extremely ignorant towards others emotions. Again, they like to believe that they aren't seeing or hearing anything that they don't want to. The sad truth of the matter is, they are ignoring their own emotions at the same time as everyone else's. They prefer to bottle everything up, never really expressing themselves, and have a hard time coping with stress. It's important to remind them that it's okay to be stressed and that you are there to help them if they need it.

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