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4 Habits Of Selfish People (And How To Avoid Them)


These people are always plotting new ways for others to do their bidding. They do this to feel in control or out of fear of losing control. They will undermine you in everything that you do and make sure that whatever it is you're doing benefits them in the endgame.

Manipulation is one of the only ways they know how to cope with not feeling in control of everything. In most cases, people are forced to let them go because they care only about their point of view and no one else's.


Selfish people are pros at manipulation. This is their ultimate factor that allows them to think, feel, and do everything they want to without the burden of consequences. Manipulating others is the only way they can truly get everything their hearts desire.

If you feel as if you're being used all of the time, you most likely are. Realize that you cannot get anywhere by arguing or persuading this person. They are only thinking of their thoughts and not yours.

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