5 Simple Ways To Increase Your Brain’s Serotonin

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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that aids in balancing moods and patterns of thought. It is widely believed to provide a beneficial boost to our mood, sex life, appetite, sleep, memory, learning and temperature regulation. Here are some natural and safe ‘hacks to boost your daily levels of serotonin.

Keep in mind that stress and cortisol, a chemical related to stress, inhibit the production of serotonin and other beneficial chemicals. Regulating and reducing stress in your day to day activities will help maximize any effects.

Self Care

Take the time to take care of yourself and your body. You can do this with massages, sauna trips, yoga, vacation time and other fun stress reducing activities you enjoy. Setting time aside to productively de-stress, rest and pay attention to your needs, is crucial to removing cortisol and boosting serotonin.