Here’s What The Shape Of Your Nose Reveals About Your Personality

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Many experts think your nose reveals things about your personality that may be a bit more on the subtle side. Consider a person’s nose when you first meet. It may help you get an idea of who they are.

1. The straight nose

1. The straight nose

The straight nose reveals an inspiring person with incredibly functional, organized skills. They’re perfect in times of crisis.

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2. The wide nose

People with wider noses are said to have great leadership qualities. It reveals a strong, not weak, personality. They tend not to be calm.

3. The fleshy nose

The base of the nose is narrow but the entire length is expanding. The end is a snub. These noses belong to people who think fast and know how to act quickly. They’re often very clever.

4. The snub nose

The snub nose reveals an optimistic and kind person. These are caring people who love to give love and receive it. They love to experiment and are enthusiastic.

5. The curved nose

People with a downward-curved nose design their own lives and don’t follow leaders all that well. They don’t care about your approval and are often very rebellious.

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