10 Ways To Determine If You’re A Strong Woman

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A strong woman exudes healthy confidence and finds comfort in her own unique identity. She’s honest with herself and looks for the same sincerity in others.

She’s prone to the same weaknesses, fears, and doubts as every other woman, but she strives to make choices she believes are right regardless of what other people think.

A strong woman protects herself from other people’s toxic motivations and selfish agendas.

If you’re a strong woman, you prefer being alone to the company of “fake people”. Don’t feel guilty about your preference. You have good reason for it!

1. You Enjoy Your Own Company

A closeup of a woman's eye visible through a leaf.
Unsplash / Bikesh Deshar
Unsplash / Bikesh Deshar

You’re content with yourself and don’t feel compelled to surround yourself with other people to escape your own thoughts. You’re not afraid to be alone and welcome “me time”.

As a strong woman, you wisely use solitude to process your own thoughts and feelings, connect with your creative side, or proactively plan strategies for achieving your goals.