10 Ways To Determine If You’re A Strong Woman

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A strong woman exudes healthy confidence and finds comfort in her own unique identity. She’s honest with herself and looks for the same sincerity in others.

She’s prone to the same weaknesses, fears, and doubts as every other woman, but she strives to make choices she believes are right regardless of what other people think.

A strong woman protects herself from other people’s toxic motivations and selfish agendas.

If you’re a strong woman, you prefer being alone to the company of “fake people”. Don’t feel guilty about your preference. You have good reason for it!

1. You Enjoy Your Own Company

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Unsplash / Bikesh Deshar
Unsplash / Bikesh Deshar

You’re content with yourself and don’t feel compelled to surround yourself with other people to escape your own thoughts. You’re not afraid to be alone and welcome “me time”.

As a strong woman, you wisely use solitude to process your own thoughts and feelings, connect with your creative side, or proactively plan strategies for achieving your goals.

2. You Despise Empty Conversation

You value other people and enjoy relationships with meaningful connections. If this type of company isn’t available, you pass on any invitation to engage with associates who specialize in idle chatter and pretentious prating.

You don’t need the company of others to feel good about yourself, so you choose to avoid the empty conversations you utterly despise.

3. Flattery Annoys You

Flattery and agenda-promoting compliments gall your candid personality.

Whether it’s the corporate ladder or the social ladder, you can’t bear to watch conformists “politely” stepping on each other to reach the next rung.

Disingenuous behavior receives little patience from you, and you purposely withdraw from these situations.

4. You Prefer Mental Stimulation Over Gossip

You choose friendships based upon the principle that “iron sharpens iron.” A desire for personal growth and achievement motivates you to seek relationships with a positive influence.

You’re wise enough to know that gossip not only brings other people down, it also negatively impacts your state of mind. You sidestep the gossip gang and choose solitude when stimulating company isn’t available.

5. You’re a Human Lie Detector

Flattery annoys you, but bold-faced lies deeply trouble your sincerity-loving heart. Whether a gift or curse, you possess the ability to detect lies on the spot, and it often brings you sorrow.

Even when developing new friendships, it’s hurtful when someone aims lies at you.

You’re upset even when someone else is the target. Once you spot a crafty liar, you don’t waste another minute of time in her company and may even call her out.

6. You’re Not Concerned with Appearances

Image is everything – or so you’re told. While it’s appropriate for companies and marketers to concern themselves with “image,” you prefer to focus on more meaningful aspects of life.

You’re more concerned with who you are and where you’re headed than with someone else’s superficial opinion of you.

You realize you’re not perfect and do your best to look beyond outer appearance and perceive the heart of the matter – or person.

When opting out of social situations, you’re not rattled by peer pressure or how turning down an invitations affects your image.

7. Hypocrites Turn Your Stomach

Nothing causes you to feel ill more quickly than the presence of a proud hypocrite. As a strong woman, you see the inherent dishonesty and abhor the destruction hypocrisy causes in others’ lives.

When appropriate, you stand against them in defense of another’s character. You’d rather spend countless hours alone than be subjected to their toxic behavior.

8. You Hate Poor Excuses

As a child, you were taught that “there’s no excuse for bad behavior,” and you’ve taken this to heart.

Your compassionate nature reminds you that no one’s perfect, but you have no use for someone who repeatedly uses ignorance (or an equally poor excuse) to justify his harmful actions.

You’d rather be alone than listen to someone who refuses to take responsibility for his life choices.

9. Injustice Infuriates You

You do your best to distinguish between right and wrong, and you believe equality and justice are more than mere ideals.

When you see deliberate injustice, unfair treatment, and innocent people becoming the targets of selfish agendas, your passion ignites.

You leave these self-deluded troublemakers behind, preferring to be alone rather than in their company.

10. Fake People Don’t Understand You

A strong woman possesses a sensitive heart, and she’s learned how to skillfully guard it. You recognize that the numerous fake people in your world don’t understand your authenticity, and this often causes conflict and tension.

When the time comes to choose, you decide to be alone instead of enduring the stress of a contentious situation.

A strong woman knows what’s best for her, and she’s ready to leave the social crowd behind when she’ll receive no net benefit or opportunity to make a positive impact.

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