She Isn’t Paid Much, But This Retired Nurse Is Using Her Pension For Something Incredible

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Charolette Tidwell is a 69-year-old retiree who spent her young life helping people in her position as a nurse. And even now that she’s retired, he commitment to helping people in her community hasn’t ended, and she uses her pension to make it happen.

After her retirement, Charolette used her pension to set up a food pantry where she works, unpaid, six days out of the week.

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“The community that I was raised in did this. My mom did it. The folks at the church did it. The nuns at the school that I went to elementary school did it,” she said. “We were mentored into this kind of work. Service was something that I’ve always been involved in.”

Charolette says she feeds about 7,000 people per month in Fort Smith, Arkansas, her hometown. She hands out 500,000 meals a year through her Antioch for Youth and Family group.